What is the best way to measure ketones?

When we are learning new things there is nothing so satisfying as making progress. This also counts for following the keto diet. While the Keto diet is very effective when you follow its rules, you will want to know from time to time just how deep you are into Ketosis or IF you are in Ketosis at all.

The best way to measure Ketones

Ketosis is the state of the body in which fat is used for fuel instead of carbs. This is the core of what keto is so it’s no wonder you want confirmation that you are doing it right. Is your body actually burning fat for fuel? The only way to know for sure is by testing your ketone levels.
There are multiple ways of testing the ketone levels in your body. This can be done by testing urine, breath or blood levels. Of the three, the blood test is the most accurate one as it provides the most accurate reading of your ketone levels.

What is a Ketone Blood Meter?

Know the feeling of constant doubt if you are doing it right? This is where the ketone blood meter comes in.

A Ketone blood meter is a small device that you can use to check your current ketone levels. This is done by removing a little blood via the top of your finger and then placing it unto a keto blood test strip. The device then reads the ketones in your blood to tell you if you are in Ketosis or not.

This stops you from guessing if you are on the right track.

Why do you need it?

The Ketone blood meter is for people who want to know what their current amount of ketones in their body are. This handy tool will tell you if you are into Ketosis and how deep you are into Ketosis.

Many people on the keto diet suffer from the placebo effect and think they are in Ketosis when they are not. This is often because they still consume carbs on a regular basis and never know for sure if their bodies are burning fat for fuel efficiently. This may lead to a loss of motivation to continue at some point which we want to avoid at all costs!

My Ketone Blood Meter Kit Review

Ketone Blood Meter Kit – $39.99

from: Kiss My Keto

I personally use the Ketone blood meter from the Kiss my Keto brand. Their package comes with a handy set of 10 test strips to get started right away. It is very simple to use and provides you with a quick and accurate answer to see if you have reached ketosis.

There is nothing complicated about the meter, it is a device anyone can use.

It has one button simply for turning it on and on its top it has an opening to insert to keto blood test strip containing a drop of your blood for a ketone reading.

It is a small device that can easily be stored and does not take any precious space in your home. I personally prefer using the blood meter over the urine or breath test simply because it is always more accurate and I want the most accurate results.

However, if you are not comfortable pricking into your finger or seeing your own blood ( you are not the only one don’t worry!) then using the Ketone urine test strips might be something for you.

Ketone Blood Meter Kit Pros

  • Comes with a kit of 10 test strips to get started right away
  • More accurate ketone readings than breath or urine ketone tests
  • Quick and easy to use; you can have your reading ready with seconds
  • The Ketone blood meter is FDA certified

Ketone Blood Meter Kit Cons

  • Some people are uncomfortable with removing blood
  • Strips expire over time; opened strips expire with 3 months and unopened strips expire with 18 months
  • One time use per strip; This means you will need to buy new packages of strips over time

How does the Ketone Blood Meter Kit work?

The Ketone blood meter is very simple to use and provides you the desired results in less than 10 seconds. For 10 seconds per day you can know for sure that you are doing it right!
Sounds good?

So how does it work?

1. First you need to place a test strip into the ketone blood meter device.

2. Disinfect your hands by washing them thoroughly, you will want to be working as hygienic as possible.

3. Place a needle into the lancet.

4. Prick the needle into the top of your finger to draw out a drop of blood.

5. Carefully place the tip of the ketone test strip into the blood droplet. There is hole in the strip and that’s where you want to place your blood.

6. Best part… Check the reading! Exciting!

Am I in Ketosis?

So after checking your blood using the meter it shows a number that might not mean much to you initially. Don’t worry, there is a simple check to see if you are in Ketosis or not.

No Ketosis:

Reading is UNDER 0,5 mmol/l

In Ketosis:

Reading is OVER 0,5 mmol/l

And that’s it! that’s all you need to know, no complicated readings or math its just checking if the number on the display is over or under 0,5 mmol/l. The most optimal state of Ketosis sits in between the 1,0 – 3,0 mmol/l range. Do not worry too much about this though, if your reading is over 0,5 mmol/l then you are doing it right!

All in all I really recommend testing your ketones one way or another. It makes sure that it keeps you motivated to continue on Keto by telling you if you are doing enough to get into Ketosis. The amount of times you test this is completely up to you.

I recommend to test it every day to make sure you don’t fall from the straight path. Once you get more experienced with Keto however it becomes easier to maintain. Remember: you don’t HAVE to test it every day if you do not feel like it. Are you new to the keto diet and do not know where to start? Check out my article The Keto Diet for Beginners

Feel free to leave a comment below to share your experiences with testing your ketones. Which method do you prefer? Let me know!

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