Top Home Gym Equipment 2020 – The All In One Gym Solution At Your Home

The Best Power Cages of 2020

We all wish to see ourselves as an example of body goals, but then, our endless excuses get in the way! While we might feel motivated enough to get in shape, heading out to the gym might not be everyone’s cup of tea. Be it due to the lack of time in your schedule to travel all the way to the gym or the heavy membership fees that your gym charges, there are plenty of reasons why we might shy away from heading to the gym…

But hey, don’t fret, because now, you can bring the entire gym into the comfort of your own house! Sounds pretty tempting, doesn’t it?

Power cages have been a revolutionary addition to home gym workouts, encouraging even the busiest bee to break a sweat as now, you get a professional gym-like workout experience within the walls of your house. Comfort, safety, fitness, the warmth of your home, all wrapped into one cage!While the options available might confuse you, we have prepared a list of three of the best power cages that will add numerous features to your “gym”, and greatly benefit your health. What’s more, you get all this at prices that will bring out a sigh of relief from your bank accounts!

1.  FORCE USA Monster G3 Power Rack


  • While establishing a professional gym like experience at home, it is essential that your home gym station carries a high level of versatility and is able to provide you with a variety of activities to create more options. With the FORCE USA Monster G3 Power Rack, you get the experience of a smith machine, power rack and a cable pulley system all combined into one single station.
  • Talking about versatility, this gym home station allows you to carry out over 75 physical exercises!! You can set up the machine according to the exercise you wish to carry out on that day and you are good to go!
  • Everyone has different preferences while exercising. What you might find comfortable could be discomforting for someone else. Thus, to support that preference, the Power Rack comes with commercial-grade J-Hooks and Safeties which can be adjusted using Westside hole spacing to your preferred height!
    The Power Rack has 50 different numbered adjustment points so that whichever exercise you wish to carry out for the day, you do it with ease and in accordance to your comfort.
  • The Power Rack uses Olympic sized plates so that you gain the real professional experience even from the comfort of your home.
  • The machine has been angled to support natural body movements to ensure that you get a very natural, safe and strong workout session while at home.
  • The Monster G3 has been designed to perfectly fit into your house. Its all in one structure and organised and compact size prevents your home from any chaos by taking up minimal space with the dimensions of 80” x 55” x 87”. It has built-in storage for your barbells, cable attachments and weight plates so that your various equipment’s are kept in one place with proper organisation and safety.
    The Monster G3 also has a landmine included with handles to establish better core training, one that is compatible for both standard and Olympic barbells.
  • To ensure you get a wide grip, close grip and ergonomic pull up variations, the Monster G3 has a very well equipped ergonomic multi-grip chin-up or put up station to support a better quality of knurling.
    Powerlifting is a task that you might always associate with the gym, but with the Monster G3, you can take powerlifting to new extremes as it comes with band pegs for better assistance and resistance.
    There are a number of accessories that the user gains when purchasing the Monster G3 station such as cambered bar, V-type handle, ankle strap, tricep pull-down rope, nylon stirrup handles, straight bar, small grip frame bar and so much more!

What Impressed The Customers?

The customers loved how the station was able to handle their high-end workout sessions and pushed them to break their records.

The assembly of the station was also found to be quite straightforward for most users. They could work up the whole thing together easily through the given instructions.

The number of accessories that have been provided with the station was something that most users loved! Due to the variety of accessories, they were able to carry out different kinds of exercises, all in one place inside their home.

Since the station allows you to carry out activities like presses, squats, bench etc, it encouraged the users to try out new things and diversify their exercising experience.

The station was claimed to be worthy of every penny spent over it! Since it is quite affordable and has so many features, it was a true charmer to the public!

What Bummed Out The Customers?

Some users reported that though the machine is pretty functional and firm, the cables weren’t able to keep up with the expectations they held for it. But this matter was solved after using some spray or oiling.

Check out the product here

2. Fitness Reality X-Class Light Commercial High Capacity Olympic Power Cage


  • Often, we face issues with the weight handling capacity while buying a home gym station for our house. But worry no more as the Fitness Reality X-Class Light Commercial comes with 1500 pounds of real weight capacity to handle any exercise and body type with the 2 x 3 inches of tubular steel frame construction giving it more support!
  • To provide excellent grip, the 44-inch lat bar and 20” low row bar has been covered with high quality textured density foam rubber. These rubber strips prevent any banging noises, scratching or denting while exercising.
  • Owing to the safety bars, the station can provide you with a weight capacity of 1500 pounds and 25 adjustable height levels for better exercising.
  • The safety bars are compatible with 7’ Olympic bars to give you a professional workout experience.
  • The dimensions of the Fitness Reality X-Class Light Commercial station is 86.5 L x 52 W x 86 H inches,and weighing 301 pounds.
  • The station is capable of providing the user with over 24 different sets of exercises that include standing and seated military shoulder presses, upright rows, wide curls, squats, forearm curls, narrow and wide chin-ups, vertical raises, skull crhers,us dips, flat bench presses and so much more!
  • The user can enhance the quality of their workout and expand the Power Cage by adding optional fitness reality utility bench, which is sold as a separate item.
  • The station has two adjustable high-density rubber grip dip handles for users with a weight capacity of 600 pounds. These rubber grips prevent any wobbling from occurring.
  • The U-shaped stability bar of the Fitness Reality X-Class Light Commercial ensures that your workout goes smoothly and gives solid-state performance.
  • Adjustability is a must-have in any home gym station. To fit suitably to your needs, the station has 2 height position adjustable multi-grip chin up or pull up bars that give the user a weight capacity of 600 pounds.

What Impressed The Customers?

The equipment of the power cage has been made from heavy-duty material, which impressed many users and made their workout session much more stable and easier.
The power cage also has the option to drill the station to the floor to provide better stability, which the users loved. The station was quite stable even without the drilling as well.

The build of the power cage is excellent and quite durable! The durability factor makes it a power cage that you can pick up for the long run.

The safety rubber grips gave the users better support, grip and safety while exercising. You can count on the Fitness Reality X-Class Light Commercial when it comes to your safety.

What Bummed Out The Customers?

The assembling process was found to be quite a task by many users. Though the parts were very organised and helpful, the assembly was quite tough for many.
The power cage doesn’t come with many accessories, and you would have to buy them separately. Some users found this to be quite troublesome.

Check out the product here

3. Fitness Reality 810XLT Super Max Power Cage


  • Purchasing a home gym is a large investment, so when the idea of buying a home gym comes to mind, it is important that it is worth every penny and does its job effectively. That’s exactly what the Fitness Reality 810XLT Super Max Power Cage does!With its heavy-duty performance capacity, it enables you to perform activities like squats, rack pulls, deadlifts and so much more! The safety of your power cage can’t be compromised with, so the Fitness Reality 810XLT Super Max Power Cage has two 23 inch dual mounted safety catches that are backed up by a pair of 3.25-inch safety pins to ensure safety!
  • Freedom of movement is a must-have while exercising. It helps you focus on every point of your body. Hence, to give you just that, this power cage has an ample amount of walk-in space so that you are able to perform activities like squats, flat incline and decline with barbells, etc with ease. This walk-in space has dimensions of 50.5 L x 46.5 W x 83.5 H.
  • The power cage gives you a weight capacity of 800lb which makes it suitable for newbies and even advanced professionals. A one for all deal!
  • The power cage is made up of two-inch square steel tubing that ensures that your workout station has a stable, robust base to handle even your heaviest workout regimes.
  • The bench provided with the power cage is of durable powder-coated tubular steel to provide the user with a solid structure that doesn’t seem unstable while exercising.
  • The power cage provides the user with plate storage so that you don’t have to bend down every time you wish to add another plate to your regime. This feature saves you time and space as well.
    The dip attachment of the power cage supports your lower chest development exercises and is a great option for bodybuilders.
  • The backrest can be adjusted as per the liking of the user as it has 12 different positions. You can adjust it to -20 degree decline to +80 degree incline angles, making it quite diverse in its actions.
  • To provide you with extra support, the power cage comes with a detachable 3 position leg hold down bar which gives you additional support and stability.

What Impressed The Customers?

The price of the power cage left many impressed. With the magnitude of features the cage carries, the price tag attached to it was found to be quite reasonable by many, encouraging them to invest their savings in this cage.

The assembling process of the power cage was found to be quite easy by most of the past users. They found it to be a task that they could carry out without any professional help.
Due to the additional support features, the structure of the power cage is quite stable and sturdy, which ensures that your workout station doesn’t start wobbling mid-workout.

The 800lb weight capacity of the cage is quite impressive. This wide capacity allows a diverse set of users to adopt the Fitness Reality 810XLT Super Max Power Cage into their lifestyle.

The walk-in space provided in the cage enables the users to carry out their exercises without much restrictions to their movements which is a great and essential feature in a power cage.

What Bummed Out The Customers?

The power cage is quite a large unit, so if you have less space and low ceiling level in your house, it would be a tough task to fit it in.
Some users found that the 3 inches of spacing between the holes on the power cage caused a certain magnitude of hindrance to their workout session.

Check out the product here

Achieve results at the comfort of your own Home Gym!

Purchasing a home gym is a long term investment that can be pretty heavy on your wallet. However, if you analyze the basis of these power cages, you will soon become quite a judge yourself and develop an eye from the right power cage.

We presented to you three of the best power cages, the ones that not only provide you with an abundance of features and accessories but also goes easy on your pocket! Now, who doesn’t want to break a sweat with the satisfaction of paying the best price possible for their power cage!

Your health comes before anything, so put on your workout clothes, tie up your shoes, grab a bottle of water and no need to head to the gym as you have one right inside your own house! What a time to be alive!

Should you need some advice on building muscle while on Keto check out my article How to build Muscle Mass fast for more information!

Good luck!


7 thoughts on “Top Home Gym Equipment 2020 – The All In One Gym Solution At Your Home”

  1. Hi, this is a pretty good review for home gym equipment. I am just about to start a diet so am also looking for convenience within gym equipment. This article is very useful for me and I think I will have to check out second one you shared because it would be perfect for my apartment. thank you for sharing this useful review!

  2. I definitely like the idea of working out at home. Working out at home means you don’t have to deal with any drama at the gym or wait to use the equipment there. Having to buy accessories separate from the gym equipment does not seem like a good deal at all. As far as home gyms go, the FORCE USA Monster G3 Power Rack seems to be the best option overall. It’s versatile and who can go wrong with having gym equipment in which you can do 75 exercises. It gives true meaning to what a home gym is really all about. 

    • Hey Vanessa!

      Exactly my thoughts.
      My own primary motivation for starting working out at home was the opening times of my local gyms.

      I like to get the work in early in the morning and all the gyms close to me don’t open until 8 AM or so, which is the main reason why i’ve constructed my own home gym.

      The Monster G3 is actually the one i own myself at the moment, and it gives me everything i could wish for as an all-in-one home gym solution.
      The double pulley is extremely useful & versatile. The smith machine allows for numerous (compound) exercises without the need for a spotter & you will still be able to use free movements with barbells as well, of course. And the pull up bar just completes the whole picture.


  3. I would definitely pick the FORCE USA Monster G3 Power Rack. I go to the gym regularly so this one would be perfect when I get my own home gym. It has almost every machine I need, so if I don’t feel like going to the gym I could easily use this one for an explosive workout. I would definitely get the job done!

  4. This is a very wonderful post because I have been trying to get equipments for my home gym. Its good to be able to work out at ones convenient time. Getting equipments have been very hectic for me because I keep trying to pick out good ones while still looking into the price. This power racks are awesome and I see pull downs too but I don’t think I have enough to get them now. I will bookmark this post though, for the future when I can afford it. Thanks

  5. The Fitness Reality 810XLT Super Max Power Cage has my interest, reviews on the cage are looking good. Been looking for a long time in getting a power cage to finally start working out. I did workout before at more than one Gym but each time i quit due to a lack of motivation, the public Gym just isnt for me!

    A workout at home seems like the thing for me, its a little investment but its a permanent and all round one so I’m fine with that myself. 

    Thanks for your advice, didn’t know what to look for myself but you have my my choice clear!

    • Hey Darren,

      Glad i could assist you with your choice!

      The Fitness Reality 810XLT Super Max Power Cage is relatively simple compared to the other ones, but it allows you to perform all the basic tried and true compound exercises such as squats, bench press, but also pull ups.

      The adjustable pins also allow movements such as rack pulls(deadlift that starts at the shins), as well as bodyweight tricep extensions & glute-hamstring raises. One of its biggest plus points is the fact that it comes a very modest price in comparison to the amount of effective exercises you can perform.

      If you don’t want to spend too much money, but you still want to efficiently work out at home – this cage is definitely your best bet!

      Best of luck to you 🙂



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