Top 5 Best Belly Fat Burners – Keto Approved!

Boost Your Weight Loss With These 5 Best Belly Fat Burners!

When you start out on your quest to burn off excess body fat, or excessively stored calories, you may find that you are initially making a lot of progress when starting out. You metabolism is like a hot furnace at this point and you are losing 2 pounds, or even more – per week.

However, after a period of approximately 10 -14 weeks of spending on a diet you may find that you have reached a fat-loss plateau, even on the ketogenic diet you can run into this issue at some point – albeit at a much later point in time as opposed to other carbohydrate-based diets.

The scale won’t budge anymore, no matter how many, or should i say – few calories you consume at this point.

Despite the copious amounts of rowing and cycling you do, you just can’t seem to lose any fat anymore.

What happenend? Did you exercise too little? Did that chicken salad last night contain more calories than you thought? Should you drop even more calories are some obvious questions that  may come to mind when weight loss has stalled.

When you’ve reached this often wrongfully dreaded plateau – don’t freak out! You may just need a little extra help in the form of a fat burner to get your body to flip the weight loss switch, and burn off the excessively stored pounds again.

In this article i will reveal the top 5 best belly fat burners that will not only give your body a new stimulant to burn through the stored fat on your body, but they are completely safe to use on the ketogenic diet as well.

This means that your insulin levels will remain low, and your body will remain in the fat burning metabolic state of ketosis!

Without further ado – lets first get into why you are no longer dropping a waist size a week.

Why Am I No Longer Progressing?

When you embark on any diet that has weight loss as its main purpose you will see extremely fast results…. When you are just starting out.

However, if you are not genetically gifted(like 99% of the population) you will run into a weight loss plateau sooner, rather than later. This can also happen on the ketogenic diet, albeit at a slower rate than on a standard carb rich western diet.

What happens is that your metabolism slows down in order to ensure your survival, along with the increase of the hunger hormone Grehlin & the stress hormone Cortisol, as well as a reduction in the satiety hormone Leptin. If you think about it from a physiological point of view – all it does is make sense though.

  • Your body increases grehlin, a hunger hormone to make sure you take in more food than you need (Increases chance of survival)
  • Your body reduces Leptin, with the ‘easily satiated’ label removed you will likely eat more(read binge) resulting in more calories taken in (increases chance of survival)
  • Your body slows down your metabolism by inhibiting the production of certain thyroid hormones that determine the rate of your metabolism (increases chance of survival)

Your body will always strive to remain as it is, this is referred to as ‘homeostasis’ – both gaining muscle, as well as losing fat are bodily mechanisms that aren’t necessary for your body to survive persé.

Gaining Muscle Mass

For building muscle – your body has to be sure that it needs the extra muscle mass in order to increase your chances of survival, as well as the necessity of actually building the muscle. Easily said- you need to give your muscle a big enough stimulus through physical training that it sees the need to grow the muscles to be stronger in order to increase the chances of survival the next possible time your muscles would have to face similar load – for yet again the purpose of survival.

If you do some casual chit-chatty lifting you will not challenge your muscles, you wont stimulate protein synthesis & you will stay the exact same. Your body will not ”see the need” to grow its muscle cells – if you will.

As for fat loss – your body is just fine with holding some excess stored energy for periods of ‘lesser harvests’ – as you could see it from an evolutionary perspective. If you don’t induce a calorie deficit your body will not burn your stored energy. It may as well burn the copious amounts of calories you take in during the day and save your love handles for worse times.

You need to consume less calories than you burn in order to get your body to burn those extra calories. You can calculate this with the help of the formula’s that i thoroughly explained in my other article ‘How to figure out your macros on keto’ and then subtract 500 to a max of 750 calories per day.

This will ensure steady weight loss, while remaining a healthy metabolic rate, not feeling cranky, and your workout performance won’t suffer too much, this especially holds up in the first month or two of the diet.

Measure your weight every morning after using the restroom & before breakfast. Ideally you’ll lose anywhere from 1 to 2 pounds a week. If you lose more, slightly increase your calories per day. If you lose less than 1 lb. a week eat slighty less calories per day.

Your weight may somewhat fluctuate from day-to-day due to water weight, what matters is that your overall weigh-ins are showing a downtrend.

While it is perfectly understandable that you want to see your abs underneath the layer of fat, you body wants to keep it as a natural biological mechanism to ensure survival.

This is especially prominent after prolonged periods of calorie restriction, even moreso when you employ a very aggressive deficit (more than 25% of your maintenance calorie needs) Your body will only slow down its metabolism further and further
It will occur at some point regardless of the deficit you apply, but a lot quicker when you cut out calories more drastically.

Patience is key to succes…

Remember that slow weight loss is lasting weight loss, you will keep your metabolic health high & your hormones will remain in optimal ratios that not only support your overall health, but keep the fat burning processes active as well.

Anyway, when we run into this dread plateau when nothing seems to work anymore – no matter how many hours you spend in the gym(treadmill) or how many times you are starving yourself in order to drop the last few pounds, nothing seems to work for you.

However… you can work around this, and start burning fat again by giving your body exactly what it wants/needs at this point… More calories.

While you wont directly burn fat during this next phase, it is what you could call a primer phase, readying you up for a next fat loss phase by pushing the metabolic reset button. And i’m sure you won’t mind taking in a few extra calories for some weeks, especially after having close-to-starved yourself for the past weeks/months 😉

The bad news is that your efforts, particularly after the initial drop in your weight, are somewhat wasted.

The good news is that there is a fix to all of the above! – And a relatively simple one at that.

The first and foremost solution that I would suggest when fat loss efforts have stagnated is to introduce, what is commonly referred to as a ‘Diet Break’ – which is this primer phase i referred to.

Diet breaks are exactly like the term describes – both a mental and physical break from the diet you have been following.

By temporarily(at least 2 – up to 6 weeks depending on how long you have been dieting for) increasing your calorie intake up to maintenance levels(consuming as many calories as you burn per day) your body will speed up its metabolism to baseline levels, and your (fat-burning) hormones will get back in line again as well.

After this maintenance phase you are all set to burn fat again, albeit at a slightly slower rate than your initial weight loss attempt. It would take longer to reset your metabolism than 4 weeks, but this is most time efficient to get back on track a bit.

Other indicators that your body tells you that you need a diet break due to dieting for prolonged periods of time:

  • You will feel cranky
  • You will feel the urge to cheat on your diet(especially carbs, and probably only carbs when you are following the keto diet)
  • You will experience a reduced quality of sleep
  • You will feel tired
  • You will experience subcutaneous(directly under the skin) water retention. You can test this by holding skin between your thumb and index finger, dragging it back a bit and then releasing. If you see a slight rippling effect in and around the skin you held you are holding on to excess water. This is also an indicator of too high cortisol levels(a stress hormone that will cause you to stor fat)
  • Your weight loss efforts have stalled.
  • You are unable to properly concentrate on anything anymore whether it be reduced focus during your workouts, or not being able to concentrate at work

I recommend that in order to speed up your fat loss to the initial levels and even beyond what you have experienced before, we have to boost the body with supplementation.

While the ketogenic diet is superior to any other diet for weight loss, even this won’t last forever.

Most fatburners contain a host of garbage ingredient that are labelled as the next big thing, but will only be detrimental to either your health, or weight loss efforts as a result. These products are very much subject to marketing hype, especially as summer draws closer.

There are some commercial fatburners, and otherwise natural supportants of burning your fat mass for energy that actually do their job, and work.

I’ve filtered out the best of them, that will not only aid you in your weight loss journey, but will also keep you in the metabolic state of ketosis. A double whammy for fat loss!

By incorporating any of the following (keto-approved) fatburners into our diet we give our body the metabolic edge to obliterate the fat reserves once and for all, and get you in shape for summer!


1. KetoLogic FB24™ Fat Loss Supplement

Bottle of KetoLogic FB24 fatburner

 Container Size: 60 capsules

Serving Size: 1 capsule

Recommended Servings Per Day: 2 servings of 1 capsule 30 to 60 mintues prior to meals

Tolerances: Keto friendly, Paleo friendly, Gluten free, non-GMO, Allergen free, Vegetarian, GRASS-affirmed, Stimulant free, Lab tested.

Ingredients: 200mg of Dyglomera®(listed as DygloFit® / Dichrostachys glomerata fruit extract)

Click the image to check out the product on the webshop of ketologic

The renowned brand Ketologic is known for making high quality supplement specifically for people that follow the ketogenic diet has created their very own fat burner to reignite the fat burning spark after stumbling upon a fat loss plateau.

The KetoLogic FB24 fatburner contains just one ingredient, known as ‘Dyglomera®‘ – which is a derivant from a spice that originates from Western Cameroon.

In an 8 week clinical trial conducted in 2013 – 318 people( of which 202 females &116; males) were divided into 2 groups. One was administered with 200 mg of Dyglomera®, while the other group was administered with 200mg of placebo maize powder 30 to 60 minutes prior to consuming their meals.

During the 8 weeks, both participating groups made no alterations to their diet.

When the 8 week trail was over, the health markers that were subjected to testing were significantly different in both groups. The group that had been administered with Dyglomera® had lost an astonishing 24 lbs of weight, which was accompanied by a reduction of 10,8% in visceral fat tissue.

Along with reducing fat mass, supplementing with the Ketologic FB24 fatburner showed improved cholestorol levels(Increased HDL, reduced LDL), reduced blood pressure and improved insulin resistance.

2. BHB Exogenous Ketones

 Container Size: 30 servings

Serving Size: 1 scoop (8.5 g)

Recommended Servings Per Day: 2 servings a day with water

Tolerances: Keto friendly, No Artificial Sweeteners and Flavors

Ingredients: Magnesium Beta Hydroxybutyrate, Calcium Beta Hydroxybutyrate, Sodium Beta hydroxybutyrate, Caffeine Anhydrous(50%)

Click the image to check out the product on the webshop of ketologic

Next up we have the BHB Exogenous Ketones

Ketologic is a brand that creates supplements with the ketogenic dieter in mind. Meaning that all of the ingredients are of natural origin, do not contain carbohydrates/sugars/sweetners that may disrupt ketosis, and no (excessive) stimulants are used.

Meaning that this fat burner, contrary to a lot of other supplements on the market, will not jack up your heart rate – nor will you feel dizzy, sweaty or any other noticeable negative side effects.

Exogenous ketones are ketones that are, like the word itself insinuates, ketones that are not produced by your liver like the way it normally happens when your diet is low enough in carbs that your body does that by converting fatty acids into ketones.

In the case of exogenous ketones they are supplemented via an external source, in this case being a supplement.

So what do exogenous ketones do for you?

When you are already in ketosis, exogenous ketones deepen your state of ketosis. This will be visible in your ketone readings when you measure blood ketones. Whereas normal nutritional ketosis will likely put you in the range of 0,5 – 2 Mmol/L – with these exogenous ketones you can get readings that are 2,5 Mmol/L, or even higher.

That means that your body will burn an increasingly amount of fat compared to nutritional ketosis alone.

You could combine this supplement with some extra caffeine which will stimulate the production of ketones by your own liver, and on top of that caffeine boosts your metabolism to burn even more calories.

Just avoid taking in caffeine within 2 hours of going to bed if you are sensitive to caffeine.

Research has even suggested that with the supplementation of exogenous ketones you can force your body into the metabolic state of ketosis when following a diet that contains carbohydrates, albeit a milder variant of ketosis.

While you will not reap all of the benefits of the keto diet/ketosis by supplementation alone, It is still an interesting observation.

Another plus of exogenous ketones is that when you’ve indulged in a cheat meal, or get yourself kicked out of ketosis by something else – exogenous ketones are a great tool to get you back in to ketosis with the speed of lightning.

While getting back into ketosis through nutrition alone may take you up to 48 hours, there have been reports of people that entered ketosis with the help of exogenous ketones within a few hours(!) of taking the supplement.

This will get you back on track, and in fat burning mode within no-time!

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3. Ketologic Ketomeal® Replacement Shake

The Ketologic meal replacement shake


Servings Per Container: 20 servings

Serving Size: 2 scoops(43 grams)

Recommended Servings Per Day: 1 to 3 servings per day

Tolerances: Keto friendly

Flavors: Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla, Salted caramel

Ingredients: Whey concentrate, MCT oil, Erythritol, Stevia ,Calcium carbonate, Zinc oxide, Magnesium oxide, Sea salt, Xanthan gum, Folic acid, Potassium, Riboflavin.


Click the image to check out the product on the webshop of ketologic

While this shake from Ketologic does not directly qualify as a fatburner from a marketing point of view, the Ketologic Meal Replacement shake provides plenty of incentives to qualify as a fatburner, which is why i have decided that it makes it to my top 10 fatburners list.

To start off with, the shake contains protein.

How does protein effect weight loss you ask?

  • Protein is the most satiating macronutrient out of the three. Ingesting ample amounts of protein, preferably spread evenly across your daily meals will reduce the chances of grazing for snacks in between meals.
  • Adequate consumption of protein triggers thermogenesis, or the thermic effect of protein, which is also the highest in protein – when compared to the other macronutrients. This means that your daily energy expenditure increases when taking in protein caused by the intense bodily process of digesting protein. Resulting in more calories burned, causing fat loss. Up to 33% of the energy that protein provides the body is burned by the digestion process alone, compared to just 5% for carbohydrates.

The protein in Ketologics shake is derived from high quality whey concentrate. A readily available high quality source of protein that will nourish your body.

Another valid point for the Ketologic Ketomeal shake is made with its fat content.

Of course, by taking in enough fats our body remains in ketosis which causes the effects of burning of fat by your metabolic systems in the first place. This alone should qualify this shake as a fatburner.

But the Ketologic meal replacement shake doesn’t just supply your body with any fat… It contains high quality MCT oil. A type of medium chain fatty acids(derivant from coconut oil) that bypass the digestive system and go straight to your liver to be converted into high quality ketones.

This ensures that you not only gain an instant energy burst, but it also deepens your state of ketosis, meaning more of your body fat is burned for fuel.

On top of that – fat is also a very satiating component in any diet, and if you are already following the ketogenic diet – i’m sure you can endorse this!

If you consume the Ketologic shake, any hunger or craving that you had will be blunted. Instead, you will feel satiated, you will nourish your body, and give it the need to remain in ketosis – so we can continue to burn our fat reserves for fuel.

The Ketologic Ketomeal shake comes in three flavors: Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla & they have recently added the Salt & Caramel flavor, which i’m very excited to try myself!

As you may have read in my review of the Ketologic Meal Replacement Shake, i personally liked the chocolate flavor the best, followed closely by the slighty artificially tasting strawberry flavor(even though its naturally sweetened with Erythritol & Stevia). At the time of writing the review i sadly couldn’t get my hands on the vanilla flavor, and the salted caramel flavor wasn’t available yet.(although as a lover of keto caramel, i’m sure it will taste great 😉 )

All in all a great supplement that actively supports the burning of your body fat for fuel with natural ingredients only – that support your metabolic state of ketosis, as well as your overall health. 

The shake is ideal to be used as a meal replacement for if you are on the road, in a hurry, if you are not feeling like preparing a meal, or of course as a supplement to support the recovery of your muscles around your workouts!

4. Gold Matcha Green Tea Powder

Goldmatcha green tea matcha powder

Servings Per Container: 20 servings/30 grams

Serving Size: 1,5 grams(half a teaspoon)

Recommended Servings Per Day: 1 to 3 servings per day for optimal burning of fat

Tolerances: Keto friendly, vegan friendly, paleo friendly.

Flavor: Vivid green color, elegant aroma.

Ingredients: 100% Organic japanese green tea(powdered)

Harvest Year
: 2019


Click the image to check out the product on the website of Gold Matcha!

Arguably one of the most renowned ingredients that has been used for promoting health & the burning of fat is green tea, And for good reason!

Green tea is created from the leaves of the camilla sinensis plant, and originates from China.

The active ingredient that causes extra oxidation of body fat that is found in green tea is known as EGCG.

Aside from EGCG, green tea also contains theanine – which is comparable to the effects of caffeine. By stimulating the metabolism and the thermogenic effect of the body you use up more calories during the day regardless of which activity you are doing.

Of course, any physical activity/exercise that is performed along with the consumption of green tea will only accelerate its effects.

And last, but not least – green tea contains a flavonoid(anti-oxidant) called cathecins which also speed up your metabolism and aid in mobilizing fat to be used as a source of fuel.

Multiple studies(1, 2) have found that the intake of green tea(either through supplementation, or by simply drinking it) has positive effects on weight loss, fat oxidation, and overall health & well being. Expecially noticeable was the decrease in visceral fat.

What i personally like about green tea is that it doesn’t just act as a natural fat burner, completely free of any artificial additives or stimulants, but if you like the flavor it is a very pleasant way to approach the burning of excess body fat as well.

There are plenty of different flavors to find, and theres always one that will appeal to you!

Of course, since the ketogenic diet restricts any form of carbohydrates, i do not recommend that you sweeten your tea with sugar. You can however, implement a sweetener into your tea if you find it too bitter without.

I always opt for the usage of a sweetener based on either stevia, erythritol or monkfruit – or a mixture of all three. These sweeteners are all from naturally occuring sources and have been tested(positively) in conjuction with the keto diet.

An even better alternative to your traditional cup of green tea, which is made by boiling the leaves in hot water, is match green tea.

Contrary to regular green tea, matcha green tea is a powdered substance that is made from grinded/pulverized camilla sinensis leaves. This means that more(up to 8 times more) of the effective substances that are already found in normal green tea are present in matcha green tea.

Matcha green tea is easy to implement into your diet. Try to evenly divide the consumption of your servings throughtout the day. Ideally you’ll have one serving with each major meal to keep the fat burning compounds active in your body all day long.

If you don’t like the flavor of matcha green tea, but you still want to profit from the benefits it provides, i recommend that you simply add your matcha green tea servings to your keto meal replacement shake/whey shake. That way the flavor will be masked, but you will still burn fat!

Due to the naturally occuring sweetness of matcha green tea, there is also no need to sweeten it with stevia/erythritol/monkfruit.

I recommend that you get your matcha green tea from a high quality organic, and biologically tailored source. I always get my batch from Gold Matcha. They provide very high quality matcha green tea, with each leaf handpicked to obtain the highest quality tea.

Another benefit you get from ordering your tea at Gold Matcha is that they provide free international shipping on all orders over $50!

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5. ACV Pure Apple Cider Vinegar Capsules

A bottle of ACV capsules

Servings Per Container: 60 servings/60 capsules

Serving Size: 1 capsule

Recommended Servings Per Day: 2 servings per day

Tolerances: Keto friendly, vegan friendly, paleo friendly.

Ingredients: 100% Apple cider vinegar extract

Click the image to check out the product on the website of acvpure!

This natural body cleanser has a host of beneficial effects on the body, and weight loss specifically.

If you are looking for an organic fatburner, apple cider vinegar is thé drink you are looking for. Not only does it fight bacterial and fungal growth, but consuming it prior to your meals will cause you to eat less due to the fiber called pectine.

Moreover, consuming apple cider vinegar curbs your hunger and fights (carb) cravings, but it also has naturally occuring acids and bacteria that will accelate your metabolism – which means that your body will burn more calories to fuel your daily activities.

And last but not least – apple cider vinegar actively lowers blood sugar levels. Three points for fat loss!

The recommended dosage for apple cider vinegar is at least 2 tablespoons 3 times a day, but preferably you’d consume it prior to every meal. Simply measure two tablespoons(about 25 ml) and thin it out with 250ml water.

By consuming it prior to your meals you will feel satiated a lot quicker, and you will make sure that the compounds that lower blood sugar levels have been absorbed before your meal enters your digestive system.

This all sets you up for the perfect environment to burn body fat.

However, there are some drawbacks to regular bottled apple cider vinegar. One if which is that due to the high acidity of apple cider vinegar it is less than optimal for your dental health. Another downside is that it can be quite a chore to take in the required amount of apple cider vinegar of 2 tablespoons 3 times a day if you have a busy schedule, or if you’re not at home much.

Fortunately for us – there is a workaround for this in the form of apple cider vinegar capsules. 

These capsules contain the effective ingredient equivalent to 4 tablespoons of regular apple cider vinegar, which is the recommended dosage. Since the capsules are so highly dosed, you will only need 2 capsules per day. These capsules are easy to take with you, this makes it possible for you to experience the amazing benefits of apple cider vinegar anywhere & anytime. Additionally the capsules make sure your dental health is preserved, since obviously the content of the capsules is broken down in your stomach.

I highly recommend the capsules from ACV Pure, i can from my own experience vouch for the quality of these capsules and its contents.

ACV Pure currently has an absolute bargain on-going. If you order 4 bottles of ACV Pure capsules you will get the 5th one completely for free!. If you take in 2 capsules per day, these 5 bottles will last you for a duration of 5 months.

On top of that, you can use my voucher code for an extra 5% discount: FIVE$59591069

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Triggering Your Body To Burn Body Fat Again

Losing fat is a pretty simple mechanism. You either eat in a calorie surplus which would cause you to gain weight, or if you are aiming for fat loss – you take in fewer calories than you expend. If you keep this up for several weeks on end you can make dramatic changes to your physique.

When you do run into a plateau at some point because your body adapts to the lower amount of food you take in you can either drop your calories even more – which is not advisable, or you can use a diet break to keep your body at the same body fat/lean mass levels and allowing it to adjust to its new leaner setpoint.

Give your body at least a month, upwards to the amount of time you spent dieting to adjust to its new leaner self. Just eat at maintenance level and maybe even downscale the amount of weight training as well while you are at it. Now i don’t mean that you should completely let go of your healthy lifestyle, but moreso take a break both mentally and physically so you can go full steam when your maintenance phase is over.

One thing i like to do when i’m on a maintenance phase is switch up my training sessions completely. While i normally train on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday – during my maintenance phases i will train just 3 days a week(Mon,Wed,Fri) and go for bodyweight/circuit style training as opposed to the regular barbell/dumbbell weightlifting style i normally use. This is also helpful in the way that your muscles can resynthesize to weight training, making your muscles more susceptible to new growth once you hit the iron again.

If you feel like it you can even have a small amount of carbohydrates around your training during your maintenance phase. This will stimulate the production of the hormone leptin, which will reduce hunger and cravings.

All these minor changes will allow your metabolism to reset itself, and make your body sensitive to burning body fat again. You are essentially tricking your body.

Since weight loss is unlikely to happen as fast as prior to your diet break, even after your maintenance phase, you can spark extra fat loss with my list of best belly fat burners that i listed above.

They are all allowed to be used with the ketogenic diet, and won’t harm your metabolic state of ketosis. More likely than not they will even enhance/deepen your state of ketosis and prime you to burn more body fat for fuel during your next weight loss phase.

You can, if you want – even use all these fatburners together.

The KetoLogic FB2 Fat burner can be used anywhere throughout the day, ideally on an empty stomach prior to your workout(before your pre workout meal/shake for optimal absorption)

BHB Exogenous Ketones can be used when your ketone readings are lower, or not present at all. For instance when you’ve had a carbohydrate/cheat meal. When taking in this fatburner whilst in ketosis, expect your readings to go up(deeper state of ketosis) which will cause more body fat to be burned for fuel.

The KetoLogic Shake can be used anywhere throughout the day, either as a meal replacement shake, but it excells in supplying your body with fuel and amino acids around the time of your workouts. On top of that the thermic effect of protein will allow your body to burn more fat for fuel.

Gold Matcha Green Tea Powder can be taken anywhere throughout the day whenever you see fit. A few cups a day will give your body enough EGCG extract to increase your metabolic rate and burn more belly fat.

And last but not least, two capsules of  ACV Apple Cider Vinegar per day will boost insulin sensitivity, lower blood sugar levels & combat any possible carbohydrate cravings.

The diet break & fatburners seperately, and on their own will have a notable effect on your body composition, but by combining them you will experience ground breaking results. By first priming your body for fat loss with a diet break you are resynthesising your body to breaking down fat tissue.

If you then simultaneously reintroduce a calorie deficit, along with the fat burners listed in this article you will change your body composition dramatically.

Feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions!

Good luck!


12 thoughts on “Top 5 Best Belly Fat Burners – Keto Approved!”

  1. Hello Bryan, good to read about belly fat burners and it seems an interesting product for me. I am on a keto diet and as such I have recorded huge loss with my bellyfat and weight generally but recently it has started to stop decreasing and I got bothered maybe I had done something wrong. Good to know it is very normal and it happens consequently. However, I will try out one of the supplements listed here and hopefully, it would work well for me in line with other tips you have shared here. Thanks

    • Hi Roland,

      A decline in weight loss is inevitable after a while, even with the ketogenic diet. Your body naturally adapts to anything you throw at it whether it is exercise, a type of flu, or a diet. Our bodies are wonderful like that.

      As for weight loss, there is always a work around in which we trick the body to burn the fat, even after ‘adapting’. Like i mentioned in the article – by taking a break from your calorie deficit your body will think that you are not ‘starving’, but instead it will speed up your metabolic rate again. During this break you will likely also feel a lot better as well.

      We strategically give the body just enough time to make up for the loss in metabolic rate it sustained during your dieting phase, and then reintroduce a deficit to keep the fat furnace running.

      As a finisher, to take your results to the next level, i highly recommend that you use the aforementioned tried and true fatburner supplements. They will make your fat loss journey significantly easier.

      Best of luck!

  2. Thanks for this really amazing post. I’ve been on diet for some time now but it doesn’t appear to me that I’m losing the fat I want to lose. I’ve tried several tea but non of them is working and I’m already going out of shape for most of my outfits. I will get the Gold Matcha Green Tea Powder and start using it. I’ve chosen the tea because I like tea anyway!

  3. Wow bryan, this is a really good post you have here. Honestly I didn’t know what happens when one started getting on belly fat. I don’t have any right now and I hope o don’t but my mum does and she has been thinking of ways to help herself that wouldn’t incur stress. After checking on your list, I think she would go for the ACV Pure Apple Cider Vinegar Capsules. I will get that and be back here with feedback. This post is worth sharing too because belly fat can be a bit embarrassing and generally makes us feel insecure!

  4. My wife got ketologic ketomeal replacement shake few weeks ago, and in all honesty, it’s the best tasting meal replacement I’ve ever taste! The one my wife got tastes like a strawberry milkshake! I tried it with water, coconut milk, and also almond milk. Good with each, but my favorite was blended with coconut milk and ice. Gonna try the vanilla and chocolate in coffee very soon. Thanks for taking time to write on this, it makes losing fat very simple.


    • Hi Jordan,

      The flavors for the ketolgic meal replacement shakes are indeed very appealing. Just make sure not to go too hard on the milk as it does contain a low amount of carbs.
      I always add 1 part water for every part of milk to ensure that i’m not overdoing the carbs 🙂


  5. You’ve really given an in depth analysis into the fine points of unburdening the more stubborn areas of fat. I get the feeling, maybe incorrectly, that there seems to be an almost ‘gamesmanship’ approach to fat burning. The body goes into survival mode to some extent, not to the same degree as when it starts to eat into the muscles due to lack of nutirents but still it’s starting to take action, then we try and subvert its natural process.

    It just seems a very complicated process. Surely it is as simple as you’ve stated, eat less calories than you burn. The hormones are there to give us ‘suggestions’ in a chemical form, that induce an ’emotion’ that makes us more inclined to act upon it. 

    That last point, which I may well be factually incorrect on, is to do with the ‘genetic’ side of body,in so much as fat and its distribution. Specifically that obtaining a ‘six pack’ or at least being able to see one, isn’t always going to be viable, due to the individuals own ‘make-up’ Or am I being hood-winked by an urban myth.

    • I’m glad you found it useful!

      I like the way you put it. As your body adapts you have to throw in more advanced strategies to keep your body in fat-burning mode. You can only keep cutting calories for so long.

      You are compelled to either take a break from your calorie deficit as a whole, or with the help of natural fat burning supplements spark additional fat loss. Preferably, and for maximum result you’d do both.(it goes without saying that you implement these fatburners after your diet break – simultaneously when you reintroduce a calorie deficit)

      The basics of fat loss/thermodynamics is indeed that you consume less energy in the form of kilo calories to allow your body to turn to its fat stores, and like you said – whenever your body senses that it steers too much in any one direction, whether it be weight gain or fat loss, your body will attempt to achieve equilibrium through hormones.

      For example, an increase in the hunger hormone grehlin is unavoidable when you have been following a calorie deficit diet for a prolonged period of time.

      I will have to disagree with you on that last point though 😉 Though we all have our own genetic palette that partially influences whether we gain/hold a lot of body fat(and muscle mass as well for that matter) i don’t think that anyone is unable to get to low levels of body fat with the exception of people that have metabolic disorders – especially when you throw the ketogenic diet into the mix.

      It may be harder for some than others, but i firmly believe that with enough dedication, a solid diet, and regular exercise almost anyone would be able to achieve body recomposition.

      Thanks for your thorough comment 🙂


  6. Great website Bryan. Losing that unwanted fat is always challenging and our bodies are very complex things. It’s great to see you have gone into great depth here with these products.
    Teaching our bodies to switch from carbs to fat is challenging but well worth the effort. It’s all about getting to know your own body and it reacts to different foods and products.
    Great informative article Bryan!

  7. A well laid down post this is. So time we do not know we are the actual cause of some of the problems we are fighting and that is bad because to win such fights you need to know the cause. I myself do not know our body can produce some stuffs that causes us to eat more than normal just because we don’t eat early.
    Burning stomach fat is one thing most people find difficult to achieve and its because of some of the actions and in-actions we engage in. When burning these fats, we should pay attention to our diet as well as taking time to exercise. Thanks for suggesting the belly fat burners that are keto approved. I’ll share this post with my friends as well.

  8. I think this is just what I need to finally get rid of the belly fat that refuses to go away. I’ve been scouting products online evaluating them for possible use in my personal weight loss program but most of them lack in terms of explaining how will they help me achieve the goal that I want. Thanks to this article, you went through a clear explanation and this has cleared some clouds in my mind. 

    For weeks, I was struggling to list some foods I’m going to eat, preferably those with good fats and not bad fats. But the task of assembling the foods included in the diet is so daunting, I must pay the service of a nutritionist or dietician in order for me not to err in making the list. I’m so thankful that with this new knowledge from your article, I will no longer go through that tedious task of manually creating a diet plan. I will just buy one of the 5 best belly fat burners that you recommend. 

    If I am taking any medicine, are there any contraindication with these belly fat burners? I’m taking Allopurinol to also get rid of my Uric acid. Which of these have the least contraindication with modern medicines?

  9. I have never been on a Keto diet but I have been interested to try. I have however been trying to lose some weight. I gained way too much when I had to take steroids and now it seems impossible to lose anymore weight. I do feel I have reached a plateau just like you are mentioning.

    I have like I said, been wanting to try a Keto diet and it is good to see that there are Keto approved fat burners, since I am now at that state where I am using them to help get past my plateau.  

    I have actually been adding apple cider vinegar into my water each morning. Will there be a difference between using the capsules and the liquid?

    Thank you for this great article on the “top 5 best belly fat burners that are Keto approved”
    It has definitely helped me.


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