The difference between the keto and paleo diet – Which one should you choose?

Keto Diet vs Paleo Diet: What is the best diet to lose weight?


Among different popular diets used to lose weight or for other purposes, we find the paleo diet and the ketogenic diet or keto, which although they have some similarities below show their differences so that we do not confuse them with each other.


Keto Diet vs Paleo Diet

Although both do not allow the inclusion of cereals and derivatives or legumes, their basis is very different and the way they act in our body.

Paleo diet

The Paleo diet is inspired by the diet that our hunter-gatherer ancestors carried and therefore, the foods that makeup it is all-natural or in their simplest state.

Thus, in the Paleo diet cereals (refined and whole grains) and derivatives are eliminated, legumes are not included and of course, there is no place for added sugars or refined flours, as well as any processed or ultra-processed food.

This type of proposal is based on the intake of various meats, fish and shellfish as a source of protein, nuts, seeds, vegetable oils, grated coconut, avocado and olives as the main sources of fats and vegetables, various fruits and vegetables (including starchier) as a source of hydrates.

The paleo diet is, for this reason, a reduced carbohydrate diet and depending on the amounts of meat that we include it can be a hyper protein diet as well.

Keto diet

The keto diet is by definition that which induces ketosis by reducing the intake of carbohydrates to the maximum.

For this reason, the keto diet is not a reduced carbohydrate diet but very low in this nutrient, since it should not exceed 10% of daily calories and there are extreme proposals that the proportion of hydrates does not reach 1% of Daily energy

Unlike the Paleo diet, the keto diet prohibits not only cereals and legumes but also the vast majority of fruits and vegetables, since a single fruit could lead us out of the state of ketosis.

Also, in keto diets, there is a certain process as the meat that is admitted, since they do not contain carbohydrates (or at least not in significant amounts) and therefore allows to diversify the diet in the middle of a state of ketosis.

What is the most recommended diet to lose weight?

If what you are looking for is to lose weight, both alternatives can help you achieve it, with the keto diet being the most aggressive and that most easily induce fat burning.

Considerably reducing carbohydrates from the diet as done in the keto diet is one of the most effective ways to lose weight. Studies have shown that a ketogenic diet produces a weight loss two to three times greater than a low-fat diet, and that weight loss is maintained for longer.

Paleo diet is more flexible and sustainable over time, it does not require such strict control that it is needed in ketosis and the best, it is suitable for eating in society.

If you want to lose a lot of weight and you can do a long process, you can try a reduced carbohydrate diet such as the paleo diet, while if you are looking to burn fat from your abdomen and various parts of your body quickly to get rid of a few kilos or define muscle, the keto diet may be the most appropriate. And this is one of the reasons why the Keto diet is so popular, when people want to lose weight, they want to do so as quickly as possible! Chances are you do too…

These are the advantages of the Keto diet to lose weight

  • Ketosis will improve the weight loss process

The ketosis process consists in obtaining the necessary energy from fats. Normally the body uses glucose to metabolize it and produce energy, this changes in ketosis, since by not consuming carbohydrates there is no necessary glycose, therefore the body degrades lipids to produce energy. This degradation stimulates weight loss.

  • Keto diet is made to not accumulate fat

limiting or eliminating the consumption of carbohydrates, these do not accumulate, thus preventing them from concentrating as fat. One of the main causes of obesity or overweight is precisely the excess of hydrates or sugars in the diet, consuming many more than the body needs and that ends up accumulating in the form of fat.

  • Increases satiety and decreases appetite

According to various studies, a diet based on the parameters of the ketogenic diet – fat and protein – helps control hunger as it helps us feel more satiated for longer.

You can already see that the paleo diet and keto diet are not the same, but both can be useful except for cases that are uncontrollably or remarkably extreme that can harm health.


Main disadvantages of the paleo diet

In contrast to the ketogenic diet, these are the main disadvantages of the paleo diet

  • It is possible to suffer a short-term vitamin D deficit
  • Requires a lot of discipline and control
  • It is very monotonous, which makes it unfeasible to follow it in the long term
  • Pay attention to the nutritional deficiencies of dairy and legumes
  • Side effects of the paleo diet
  • If you have decided that you are going to follow the Paleolithic diet, we advise you to inform yourself in advance of the side effects of this diet to lose weight.


These are the main side effects of the paleo diet:

  • Excess protein: the paleo diet requires consuming large amounts of animal protein (meat, fish, eggs, …), which raises levels of bad LDL cholesterol. As a consequence, the kidneys must work harder to eliminate waste products.
  • Cold or flu from low carbohydrates: Some people experience fatigue, irritability, and fever when they eliminate cereals and legumes from their diet.
  • Cravings: the absence of sugar in this diet can make you have cravings for sweets, such as chocolate or treats.



Both diets focus on a healthy lifestyle, considerably limiting carbohydrate intake. The paleo diet is presented as a long-term healthy eating style, avoiding the consumption of harmful processed foods, essentially to stay healthy.

The keto diet will also adapt to a healthy lifestyle but focused on losing weight and faster than other diets. The restriction of carbohydrate consumption forces the body to burn fat stores (such as abdominal fat) to obtain the necessary energy. If you need to lose weight quickly in a healthy way, do not hesitate to learn more about the keto diet and apply it in your life.


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