The Best Matcha Green Tea Powder

On my website I do my best to learn you how to lose weight with keto and how effective keto really is. However, there are methods that can enhance the effectiveness of Keto even further such as supplements I have mentioned before on my website or certain exercises. It does not stop there, there is another trick that will greatly enhance your keto results and you should seriously consider using it to boost the potential of Keto: Green Matcha Tea. Now we only want the best matcha green tea powder with the purest concentration right from the leaf and that it gets harvested according to the traditional Japanese tradition.

If you like drinking tea or you like green tea in particular this will sound as music to your ears. Yes, drinking matcha tea will work wonders to burn that stubborn body fat (yes also belly fat!).

What is the best matcha green tea powder?

Gold Matcha comes directly from Japan and is strict in the way they produce the powder. The powder is created from fresh young leaves that are taken care of in way that creates the finest green matcha powder. In this process, only the leaves and the buds are used and the entire process is hand-picked with a focus on quality making this the reason why I pick Gold Matcha over other brands that produce that matcha tea.

What is matcha green tea powder?

So, a little more on Matcha green tea and what it is. Green Matcha tea has been used for centuries in Japan in is part of their traditional tea ceremonies. It is used by Buddhist Monks for its Zen like properties as the tea promotes relaxation because of the amino acid known as theanine. However, it is also a slight stimulant because it contains caffeine (around half the caffeine level found in a cup of coffee) thus stimulating awareness and providing the body with energy. Because of theanine, you will not experience hypertension or feel nervous which makes it so unique and perfectly balanced.

How Green Matcha Powder works with Keto

Aside from the numerous health benefits of green matcha tea which I will cover below there is one in particular that I want to emphasize here in relation to Keto. Green matcha Tea has been found to burn body fat!

However, the absolutely exciting part is that it can burn your body fat 4x faster than your metabolism normally could do!

Yes you read that right….FOUR times faster. So how does this relate to Keto? Well its simple really, it will greatly enhance the fat burning of your body which is what you are doing when on Keto. So drinking the tea regularly as a part of your life style will turn Keto into an even more efficient fat burning machine!

The health benefits of green matcha tea

Scientific studies have proven that green matcha can be labeled as true super food. Another reason to add this tea to your arsenal! So Let’s get down to specifics:

Green matcha has a lot of health benefits and I am not going to list them all here, but I will list the most important ones for your convenience:

High in Antioxidants

You will like this one as antioxidants are good for your skin and protect your cell structure and DNA. You can find antioxidants in coffee, fruit and vegetables but green matcha tea is one of the most prominent sources of antioxidants.

It contains catechins…

This one contributes immensely to the fact that green matcha tea is so healthy. Especially one specific catechin, called epigallocatechin gallate, shortly abbreviated as EGCg. Studies have shown EGCg taking the fight against cancer.

Good for your mood, memory and focus

Remember the part about matcha tea containing L-theanine? This amino acid improves your cognitive functions and makes you sleep better. All in all it will contribute to a relaxed feeling and together with the caffeine supports a great mental focus all without feeling drowsy. This is what makes L-Theanine so unique in that you will feel relaxed and alert at the same time.

Boosts your metabolism

The interesting part that makes it possible for your body to burn fat nearly four times faster than it usually would! This is probably why you are here!

How to use green matcha green tea powder?

The quickest and easiest way would be to just add 1 gram of matcha to a bottle filled with about 100-500 ML of warm (or cold if you like that) water and just shake it. And your done! Your matcha is ready to drink.

Then there is also the traditional way if you prefer that kind of thing. I have to say the traditional way does feel like the “right” way if that makes sense, but maybe that’s just me 😉

You will need the traditional Japanese tea ceremony tools to perform the traditional preparation:

the best matcha green tea powder - traditional Japanese tea set to make Matcha

1.) Place about 1 full bamboo tea scoop into the bowl

2.) Heat up water (and prevent it from boiling or your tea will taste bitter!!) and place the water into the bowl.

3.) Start whisking the substance quickly using the Bamboo Whisk until the substance starts to turn into a liquid and a lighter green colored foam appears over its entirety.

4.) Now drink away! Before the powder starts sinking to the bottom 🙂

5.) You have now drank the tea the original Japanese way just like the Samurai did before going into battle!

My thoughts on Gold Matcha!

Gold Matcha is a solid product that comes from Japan with love. Their way of creating the green matcha powder is done with a lot of care for the product which has become so popular all over the world. Gold Matcha is another excellent way for those who need extra support on their Keto journey. If you struggle in the beginning or just want to speed up the results of fat burning than this tea is for you. If you like tea than the choice to get the product should be a no-brainer.

Gold Matcha works like a charm combined with Keto to cut trough body fat like a Katana. Next to this to product uses only natural ingredients and makes you feel energetic without the nasty side-effects other energy boosting drinks provide. It is both relaxing and energetic, a truly unique blend that you will find only in this amazing tea from Japan!


– Can improve your fat burning rate up to Four times! Making it VERY effective while on keto.

– A very healthy, great tasting green tea.

– Gives energy without unwanted side-effects like increased heart rate, nervousness or anxiety.

– … all the while making you feel relaxed (zen!)


– None that I can think of.

Get Gold matcha here, don’t worry, they have worldwide shipping which is free if your order over $50.

I can’t think of a reason not to add this tea to your daily life routines. While you follow the Keto diet you are already following a very healthy lifestyle which this tea will greatly enhance. The amazing fat burning properties found in green matcha tea will strengthen the effect of Keto on your body, add the numerous healthy benefits outlined above to that and you have a truly life extending health potion in your hands. I’m pretty excited about it that’s for sure 🙂

Have you added matcha to your routine yet? How do you like to make the tea? The modern way or the traditional way? let me know in the comments below!

Happy tea drinking!

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