The 30 Day Keto Challenge

So you have not been as successful as you’d like with your attempts to lose weight? Have you tried a lot of restrictive diets but your weight always manages to creep back up as soon as you go off the diet? This is a feature most restrictive diets have in common.

I dare you to face the 30 day keto challenge.

In this challenge, which originates from popular keto supplementation brand Ketologic© you will use the keto diet – and hence the power of eating fat to burn fat, along with an array of powerful keto-approved supplements to rapidly change your body composition, and keep your new body after finishing the diet.

This challenge is the most powerful combination of fat incinerating factors I have seen to date to change your body composition, and keep it!

What is the Ketologic© 30 Day Keto Challenge?

This challenge will stimulate you to change your way of eating radically.

Instead of using carb laden ‘filler’ foods such as rice, beans, bread (and other obvious sugar rich foods) you will fill up your diet with powerful anti-inflammatory fats from sources such as olive oil, MCT oil, fats from meat, eggs, nuts, avocado’s and a lot more.

That’s all to it basically. By switching from your current fuel source; carbohydrates to fats, you will teach your body to effectively burn body fat again.

So why don’t other diets work and this one does?

Glycogen – which is basically the carbohydrates you have eaten, but stored in your muscles and liver – are a far easier/faster fuel to burn for your body. In the presence of it, your body will always prefer to burn glycogen.

Aside from that – eating carbohydrates produces the hormone Insulin – which causes blood sugar spikes and nullifies your ability to burn fat until your blood sugar levels have stabilized.

But I have tried to eat 1200 calories or fewer a day and I didn’t make progress then. How is eating more fat going to help me?

Common weight loss strategy is to almost solely consume protein, and only trace amounts of fats and carbs – effectively giving your body no fuel to run on. The idea behind this is that since your body has no fuel source it will run on your body fat… WRONG!

While you will see some results initially with this type of diet, with such a low amount of calories will force your body to drastically slow down your metabolism in order to prevent you from starving to death.

Not to mention that starvation diets are unsustainable and may cause serious eating disorders (binge eating, bulimia)

The keto diet will allow you to still enjoy an enormous amount of palatable foods & still result in weight loss because you have once again learned your body to burn what you want it to with your diet – fat!

Of course you still need to be in a slight calorie deficit at the end of the day. To calculate the amount of calories and the amount of fats, carbohydrates and protein you need to consume per day – I suggest you use a calculator.

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The 30 Day Keto Challenge - Personal experience

The Supplements

Along with the keto diet itself you will be using a number of supportive supplements which separates the 30 day keto challenge from traditional keto, or any other diet for that matter.


Derived from bone broth(known for brimming with micronutrients), collagen supports the health of your nails, skin, hair and bones.

Ketologic© Collagen is from a grass-fed source. An ideal supplement to support overall health & is compatible with keto & vergan diets. One serving a day will do the trick, it blends perfectly with any liquid of your choosing.

I have to say – the mocha flavor goes very well with premium blend coffee!

Keto Meal Replacement Shakes

The ideal meal composition without the hassle of actually making a meal.

Perfect for if you are in a hurry, or if you need good pre-, post-, or peri-workout nutrition. The keto meal replacement from Ketologic will give your body the high quality(MCT) fats it needs, along with protein with high bio-availability.

The keto 30 day supplement bundle contains not one, but two 20 serving containers of keto meal replacement shakes!

BHB (Beta-Hydroxybutyrate)

BHB consists of ‘exogenous ketones’, or ketones that your body itself doesn’t produce, but is ingested. The ketones ingested with this supplement will mildly suppress your appetite, reduce cravings & give you that mental edge all of which you may normally lack when you are on a calorie deficient diet.

BHB increases the amount of ketones in your blood – which will get your body in the metabolic state of ketosis way faster than by just consuming fatty foods alone.


Also known as essential minerals. Electrolytes will boost your recovery from workouts, will help your body function normally, digest foods properly & prevent you from getting the keto flu.

Among the electrolytes that are in this supplement are: Sodium & potassium- two synergists that you have to consume in a 1:1 ratio, this supplement contains just the right amount of each. These 2 minerals are arguably the most important for your well-being on keto.

Also because they are so hard to take in with whole foods alone.

Other important minerals included in Ketologic© Electrolyte supplement are:

  • Calcium (100mg)
  • Magnesium (100mg)
  • Copper (900mcg)
  • Selenium (50mcg)
  • Zinc (10mg)

Taking just one scoop a day is sufficient and will provide the dosages listed above. Of course it goes without saying that the bulk of your nutrients should stem whole food sources. This of course applies for all of the above supplements.

The 30 Day Keto Challenge In A Nutshell!


Additional Perks

On top of these top-tier supplements & the power of the keto diet itself you will receive keto meal plans, unlimited access to the keto coaches from Ketologic© & step-by-step daily plans to tailor the keto challenge to your own lifestyle.

For the physically active folks there is also the option to follow the Keto 30 day workout challenge!

If you have any questions regarding the ketogenic diet, or how to apply it to your own life you can always reach out to the coaches at Ketologic(or to myself here on this platform of course!)

Take Action! Apply now!

How many diets have you tried? And how much time have you lost in the process?

I’m asking you to take the insignificant amount of 30 days of your time to give the keto diet a real go. Along with the formerly mentioned supplements I can vouch for serious results.

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Keto Supplements - The 30 Day Keto Challenge

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