How To Lose 10 Pounds In 7 Days With The Egg Diet

Sliced eggs served on a plate

The egg diet was first popularized by film actor Adrian Brody to get to his skinny frame he needed for his role in the film The Pianist. He used the egg diet as a way to quickly lose a few pounds in a short amount of time. Even though it was created as a shortcut … Read more

What Is The Keto Diet About?

Ketogenic low carbs diet foods

If you are struggling with losing weight, and you have tried most diets and then some without results, or you have lost weight successfully on other diets, only to gain it back and more within the first month of ending the diet – stick with me. In this article I’m going into detail about why … Read more

Keto avocado brownies – Upgraded with a secret ingredient!

Stacked keto avocado brownies with added hazelnut crumble

Who doesn’t love brownies? The best thing about the following easy-to-make keto avocado brownies recipe I’m about to walk you through – is that they are fully compatible with your fat-fueled ketogenic diet! Which means you will be able to enjoy these without feeling guilty. In fact – they will even support your health and … Read more

Avocado on the keto diet – Is it healthy and keto approved?

The first recorded use of avocados dates back to 8000 B.C. back when they were first tailored in central and south America where the fruit (In contrary to popular beliefs, the avocado is actually a fruit, and not a vegetable) originates from. In the present times tailoring doesn’t just take place in America, but also … Read more

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