Cinnamon And Health Benefits – 13 Reasons To Use This Spice!

CInnamon and health benefits

Why You Should Incorporate This Exotic Spice Into Your Lifestyle! Cinnamon has seen its use for several thousands of years as a medicine, as a preservative to embalm the deceased, and of course as a spice to be used in both sweet desserts such as Tiramisu(!), as well as savory dishes like the Mexican beef … Read more

Best Home Gym Equipment 2020 – Create the Ultimate Workouts!

Home gym equipment. Barbells and dumbbells laying on the floor

Best Home Gym Equipment Money Can Buy Exercise is a vital component of achieving your balanced lifestyle. Exercise can stimulate weight loss, the maintenance, and if you eat enough calories – the growth of your muscle mass and strength. On top of that exercise has a rejuvenating effect on your entire body, and  exercise serves … Read more

What Is The Keto Diet About?

Ketogenic low carbs diet foods

If you are struggling with losing weight, and you have tried most diets and then some without results, or you have lost weight successfully on other diets, only to gain it back and more within the first month of ending the diet – stick with me. In this article I’m going into detail about why … Read more

Intermittent fasting with keto – [The complete beginners guide]

Empty plate with smiley

What if I told you that here is a way to enhance the already incredible fat burning effects that keto has on your body? Intermittent fasting, or IF for short, is a relatively new trend in the world of weight loss. It has gathered a large amount of supporters, and for good reason! IF doesn’t … Read more

Is alcohol allowed on the keto diet? – Does keto kill your nightlife?

A woman drinking alcohol

As I’m sure you have experienced on more than one occasion since starting the keto journey – you will have had to say ‘no’ more than once when spending time with friends and family due to the number of carb rich products surrounding us in our modern day western lifestyle. Understandably it is very hard … Read more

What are the symptoms of the keto flu, and how do i cope with them?

A woman lying in bed with the flu

When your body is first transitioning from burning carbohydrates to burning fat for fuel this may come with some nasty temporary unwanted side effects. You may be easily irritable, have trouble with concentrating , low energy levels & headaches that won’t pass, just to name a few. This is commonly known as the keto flu. … Read more

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