What Is The Keto Diet About?

Ketogenic low carbs diet foods

If you are struggling with losing weight, and you have tried most diets and then some without results, or you have lost weight successfully on other diets, only to gain it back and more within the first month of ending the diet – stick with me. In this article I’m going into detail about why … Read more

Signs you are in ketosis [The complete checklist]

A checklist with markings

If you have been gorging on pounds of meat, cheese & avocado’s for a while now you may ask yourself if you have entered the fat burning mode of ketosis yet. Don’t worry! There is a checklist that I will go over in a bit with all the potential signs you are in ketosis. You … Read more

How to figure out your macros on keto [The palette of your plate]

Carbohydrates with a red cross on the left - keto foods that are allowed on the right

In this article I will be covering how to figure out your macros on keto. You probably know by now that you have to eat a lot of fat on the ketogenic diet… But how much is ‘a lot’? I will be explaining the details and helping you with 2 tried and true formulas that … Read more

Keto Meal Replacement Shakes – Ketologic® [Review]

Keto Meal Replacement Shakes

If you are looking for the perfect on-the-go meal that applies to the ketogenic ratios you may consider using Keto meal replacement shakes. This is a meal replacement shake that adheres to the best fat/protein/carb ratios you may have come across. Ideal for replacing some of your meals on the ketogenic diet if you are … Read more

The keto diet food list – Focus on the foods you CAN eat!

The keto diet food list shopping cart

Lets be honest: a lot of foods are not going into your shopping cart when you are following a ketogenic diet. Understandably this will be quite strange the first time you are going to shop for groceries. I’m here to help you to make things a bit easier by providing you with the keto diet … Read more

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