How To Lose 10 Pounds In 7 Days With The Egg Diet

Sliced eggs served on a plate

The egg diet was first popularized by film actor Adrian Brody to get to his skinny frame he needed for his role in the film The Pianist. He used the egg diet as a way to quickly lose a few pounds in a short amount of time. Even though it was created as a shortcut … Read more

Cinnamon And Health Benefits – 13 Reasons To Use This Spice!

CInnamon and health benefits

Why You Should Incorporate This Exotic Spice Into Your Lifestyle! Cinnamon has seen its use for several thousands of years as a medicine, as a preservative to embalm the deceased, and of course as a spice to be used in both sweet desserts such as Tiramisu(!), as well as savory dishes like the Mexican beef … Read more

Keto avocado brownies – Upgraded with a secret ingredient!

Stacked keto avocado brownies with added hazelnut crumble

Who doesn’t love brownies? The best thing about the following easy-to-make keto avocado brownies recipe I’m about to walk you through – is that they are fully compatible with your fat-fueled ketogenic diet! Which means you will be able to enjoy these without feeling guilty. In fact – they will even support your health and … Read more

Fruit on the keto diet – The candy of nature

A tree with all fruits, but are they allowed on keto?

Eating fats all day is fine and dandy for ketosis, but are you allowed to consume the candies that nature provides on the fat-burning ketogenic diet? If you have been eating the regular foods that the ketogenic diet is all about like avocado’s, cheese, nuts, meat & oils for a while – it is understandable … Read more

Keto hamburger recipes – Burgers as a healthy keto meal! [Recipe]

Classic hamburger suitable for the keto diet

One of the first dishes I missed immediately upon starting my ketogenic journey were hamburgers. Back when I was still heavily consuming carbohydrates Saturday was burger day. I would always make them every other week, and always with fresh ingredients of course. It was only after a few weeks upon starting my ketogenic journey that … Read more

The keto diet food list – Focus on the foods you CAN eat!

The keto diet food list shopping cart

Lets be honest: a lot of foods are not going into your shopping cart when you are following a ketogenic diet. Understandably this will be quite strange the first time you are going to shop for groceries. I’m here to help you to make things a bit easier by providing you with the keto diet … Read more

Avocado on the keto diet – Is it healthy and keto approved?

The first recorded use of avocados dates back to 8000 B.C. back when they were first tailored in central and south America where the fruit (In contrary to popular beliefs, the avocado is actually a fruit, and not a vegetable) originates from. In the present times tailoring doesn’t just take place in America, but also … Read more

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