Keto hamburger recipes – Burgers as a healthy keto meal! [Recipe]

Classic hamburger suitable for the keto diet

One of the first dishes I missed immediately upon starting my ketogenic journey were hamburgers. Back when I was still heavily consuming carbohydrates Saturday was burger day. I would always make them every other week, and always with fresh ingredients of course. It was only after a few weeks upon starting my ketogenic journey that … Read more

The keto diet food list – Focus on the foods you CAN eat!

The keto diet food list shopping cart

Lets be honest: a lot of foods are not going into your shopping cart when you are following a ketogenic diet. Understandably this will be quite strange the first time you are going to shop for groceries. I’m here to help you to make things a bit easier by providing you with the keto diet … Read more

Apple cider vinegar for weight loss – eliminating hunger and improving body composition

Bottles of apple cider vinegar surrounded by apples

Using apple cider vinegar for weight loss has been a hot topic in the world of fat burning and overall health these past few years. A lot of positive health claims have been attributed to this natural remedy, Among those are an increased amount of fat burned during the day and significantly reduced hunger & … Read more

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