Lemon Juice And Weight Loss – Maximize Keto Efficiency With This Drink!

Lemon Juice And Weight Loss On The Keto Diet

Obesity is an alarming condition because it not only looks unsightly but triggers a number of fatal diseases and problems too. What’s more concerning is the fact that the rate of obesity has tripled between 1975 and 2016.

This proves that people are not able to sustain their weight and one of the major reasons for that is not knowing about a good weight loss diet.

Speaking of a weight loss diet, the keto diet comes to mind. It has gained substantial popularity in the past years and has helped millions of people shed the extra pounds of weight.

We know that the keto diet is based upon eating 75% fats, 20% proteins and only 5% carbs. However, there are certain keto-friendly foods that can be acidic in nature such as dairy, fish, protein-rich foods, alcohol, corn, canola, caffeine etc.

Eating these on a daily basis can disrupt the PH of our body. In fact, if your body switches to a more acidic side, it can trigger metabolic acidosis, a condition that produces low PH in blood and tissues.

Here’s where lemon juice comes into play. Lemon juice and weight loss are closely related, in fact, it is one of the best keto-friendly drinks that you can consume to shed body fat.

But that’s not all, lemon juice can also regulate the PH of our bodies and keep it between 7.3 – 7.4. These numbers are more alkaline than acidic. Meaning that, drinking lemon juice increases the PH and reduces the acidity in the body.

So, we can say that lemon juice will control the acidity produced by certain keto-foods that we eat on a daily basis. What a relief!

How Lemon Juice Will Help You Burn Body Fat

Lemon falling in water

Here’s how drinking lemon juice helps you to lose body fat:

Vitamin C: One of the most significant vitamins found in lemon juice is the vitamin C. It aids in weight loss. Several studies have proved that drinking lemon juice more often helps to shed the extra fat from the abdominal area.

Regulates Sugar Levels: Lemon juice and weight loss cross paths many times. For instance, when you make it a habit of drinking lemon juice more often, it keeps your blood sugar levels balanced.

It is said that imbalanced sugar levels can lead to weight issues but thankfully, drinking lemon juice will take care of that.

Eliminates Stress: Did you know that stress can make you eat a lot? This can be troubling because too much stress can make you crave for food and you might go overboard on your daily keto regimen. In other words, it might pull you out of ketosis.

The solution to this problem lies in drinking lemon juice because the Vitamin C in it helps fight stress. It does so by increasing the production of cortisol which helps bust the stress and keep you calm and non-craving on your appetite.

Removes Toxins: Certain toxins in the body can contribute to weight gain. However, lemon juice triggers an alkaline effect when it enters our body even though it is acidic in nature itself. This effect works on the toxins and releases them from the body. Hence, your weight is kept under control.

Boosts Metabolism: A slower metabolism isn’t able to burn calories quickly and this can contribute to weight gain. If you too have a slow metabolism then you need to consume lemon water.

Drinking lemon water triggers a process called thermogenesis. In this process, the body’s ability to burn calories is increased by producing heat in the body. Hence, you can have an increased metabolism and digest foods quickly. And in this way, keep your weight in check, all thanks to lemon water.

Aids In Digestion: Some people may have to deal with poor digestion when they start out on keto. They might face irregular bowel movements which can be frustrating. One of the major reasons to have a poor digestion is the growth of bacteria inside the gut. It doesn’t happen to everybody but some.

This bacterial overgrowth in the gut can actually cause weight gain.

To counter this problem, you need to consume lemon water. Why? Because it has excellent antibacterial properties that can eliminate most bacteria that reside inside the body and cause us harm.

Hence, we can say that lemon juice and weight loss are associated in ways that we can’t even imagine. In fact, experts say that lemon juice is one of the pioneer drinks in the keto diet because it offers so many benefits.

It Contains Less Calories: The best thing about lemon juice is that you can drink it everyday and it won’t disrupt your weight. Instead, it will reduce the body fat. This is because there’s only 6 calories in one glass of lemon juice.

If we compare a glass of orange juice with lemon juice, there’s a huge caloric difference. One glass of orange juice contains 110 calories. So, by switching orange juice with lemon juice will help you reduce 104 calories just like that. Imagine how fast this can bring your weight down.

Keeps You Hydrated: Studies say that lemon juice and weight loss are also related because it boosts hydration in your body and it’s no secret that hydration aids in fat loss.

Moreover, dehydration can also cause a number of other problems such as bloating, puffiness including weight gain. Drinking lemon juice will help with all of these problems by keeping you well-hydrated.

Making Lemon Juice!

Making lemon juice won’t even take a minute. All you need to do is squash half a lemon in water and that’s it. You can use either cold or hot water.

To increase the flavor, you can give it a touch of flavor by sprinkling turmeric or fresh mint leaves.

A nice glass filled with lemon juice!

You can drink it early in the morning before breakfast or at any other time too. There’s no restriction because it’s a highly beneficial drink, especially when you’re on keto!


So you see, lemon juice and weight loss go hand in hand. This drink offers so many benefits that all lead to easier weight loss. It will neutralize the acidity in your body, keep you well hydrated, fight digestion problems, boost metabolism, control appetite, remove toxin and stress as well.

Lemon juice is one of the best drinks that every person who is on the keto diet should consume to facilitate faster weight loss.

Please share your favorite lemon juice drinks recipes with me below!


10 thoughts on “Lemon Juice And Weight Loss – Maximize Keto Efficiency With This Drink!”

  1. Wow! This is great. I’m actually on a keto diet and I just met with my dietician this morning to consult him for more food and drinks that I can add to my diet list and he told me to look up lemon juice. Reading about this is very great to know about and I must say, lemon juice already won me over. It seems to cover up for everything and I personally like the fact that it can keep me hydrated for long. That has been my problem and I’m glad this would solve it for me. Thanks

    • Hello Rodarrick,

      Yes it keeps you hydrated like water does and might do even better in this area. It also helps that the lemon provides such a nice fresh taste so it is no punishment to drink it 🙂

      You won’t have to worry about Vitamin C intake anymore because the Lemon provides plenty. Vitamin C is crucial to your health and has even been linked to reducing the risks of cancer because it fights inflammation.

      Just take a few glasses each day and start getting used to it so that it becomes a daily standard in your diet, you will start feeling much better after some days/weeks.

      All the best


  2. So is this why my mom always wanted me to cook the chicken with lemon juice? Thank you for all this information. I really had no idea that something like adding lemon juice to my diet could make a difference in my weight loss. The point about metabolism and increasing it with lemon juice peaked my interest the most. I feel like my metabolism is already good where it is, but I wouldn’t mind a boost with some lemon juice. I have heard of keto diet, but I never thought about starting one before. I may have to start after reading this article. By the way, do you think drinking a lot of lemonade can help as well to boost metabolism? Thanks again!

  3. Wow I didn’t know that the rate of obesity had tripled in those 31 years. What surprises me about lemon juice is that we usually think lemon juice is acidic but actually once it is processed in our system it actually causes a more alkaline effect. I learned about that when I was looking remedies for my kidney stones because they said to reduce the acid level. I don’t actually drink a lot of lemon juice but I will look into it.

    one thing I wonder is that, is drinking lemon juice constantly going to be safe for your teeth? That’s one reason I don’t drink lemon juice throughout the day because I worry about my teeth. Could I just squeezed lemon juice and then drink it all at once with a meal and then brush my teeth?

  4. Great article Samantha.

    So many great benefits of drinking Lemon juice, I am a testimony of losing 20 pounds in 2 months while drinking Lemon juice first thing in the morning. Now my question is, Is it better to drink it on an empty stomach or throughout the day included with any meal? I do now drink Green Tea with Lemon to lose weight.



    • Hello Javier,

      Good to know that it works for you! It would be better to take it with some food, so it is a little easier on the stomach 😉 However this varies from person to person depending on how strong your stomach is.

      Green Tea combined with lemon is also an excellent way of combining these amazing beneficial drinks together! Thanks for sharing your experiences 🙂


  5. That made me want to start adding a slice of lemon to every glass of water I drink!  I didn’t know that lemon juice packs in so many benefits.  I had always thought that consuming lemon juice regularly only increases acidity levels in the body, but maybe I was too quick to judge lemons.  I must give it a try.  Thanks for this informative article!

  6. Hi Samantha! I’m very grateful that I came across your website. I am about to try the keto diet but not going to be too strict because I know how I am lol. I’ve always wondered about the lemon water because I hear this quite often but didn’t know the benefits of drinking the lemon juice. Is drinking it as a hot drink more beneficial?

    • Hi there Nice!

      Thank you for your question.

      You can take the juice which ever way you prefer! You will be amazed at the results once you start taking it every day and it becomes a habit for you. It is very hydrating and good to take with some meals throughout the day. Many people have lost weight with regular intake of lemon juice and it makes you feel much fitter after some time.

      Good luck!


  7. Hello Samantha. Nice article on lemon juice. To tell you the truth, I knew only about the Vitamin C and that it removes toxins. Now that I learned that it boosts metabolism and aids in digestion I might drink it more often.

    I drink black tea with lemon and honey everyday, but I might make a plain lemon juice drink and drink that as well. My father drinks like 1 little of lemon juice everyday, but he didn’t mention to me about metabolism or digestion (unless I fail to remember!).

    I even bought a book about the benefits of lemon but I never opened it! Well I guess it was about time I learnt something more about lemon juice and your article helped me a lot.

    Keep it cool (the lemon juice!) and have a nice day!


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