Kiss My Keto Chocolate Bars

We all know that unhealthy snacks generally contain a lot of carbohydrates, mostly in the form of sugar. Of course; sugar in its turn in a no-no when it comes to the ketogenic diet – where we mainly rely on fats and fatty acids as our source of energy for our bodies to run on.

Too bad for the chocoholics among us standard supermarket chocolate is brimming with sugars that will disrupt the metabolic state of ketosis and encourage your body to store that energy as unwanted body fat.

Kiss My Keto has developed a strategy around this by replacing the sugar with sweeteners, or so they claim anyway. Are these Kiss My Keto Chocolate Bars really the ketogenic answer to carby chocolate? Do these bars make for a healthy snack? Keep reading to find out!

Why Dark Chocolate is a Must on Keto

Alright, so we get that chocolate is almost any ones fantasy when it comes to sweet treats, but did you know that chocolate, or more specific, the cacao beans, are full of healthy micro-, and macronutrients that support your health and ketosis, which in turn stimulates your body to burn through your stored body fat?

On average one serving of chocolate contains 13 grams of fat, while this is mostly from milk and processed fats when your bar originates from the supermarket, almost all of the fat comes from the cacao beans and maybe some added (high quality) MCT fats when the bar is of high quality, like those from Kiss My Keto.

What this means is that your body can thrive on these fats. You can literally burn fat while enjoying chocolate. It doesn’t get any better than that 😉

Medium Chain Triglycerides, or MCT for short are fats that are rapidly absorbed by your body because they bypass the standard route through your digestive system. This will result in fast energy when you need it, on top of getting you into ketosis in no-time.

Kiss my keto chocolate bars

Other than its fat burning capabilities there are numerous other health benefits that (high quality) cacao, like that in the Kiss My Keto bars is found provides:

  • Brimming with anti-oxidants
  • Promotes healthy gut flora
  • Increased fat oxidation
  • Positive effect on blood pressure
  • Improves the mood
  • Reduces appetite
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Anti fungal-, and bacterial

One more benefit that the consumption of chocolate provides is its ease of use. You can take a bar anywhere you go, its portability is a very much appreciated factor. Especially since so many ketogenic foods are liquid based, and can be difficult to take with you.

Why Kiss My Keto Bars?

Kiss My Keto chocolate bars come in 4 delicious flavors, but you can also opt to but the variety pack if you’re like me and you want to try them all 🙂

  • Original dark flavor – Perfect to use for baking, or for the unaltered natural chocolate experience.
  • Roasted almonds – The king of nutrients along with the hazelnut variant. Not only do you get the benefits of cacao, but almonds provide tons of vitamins, minerals and healthy fats as well.
  • Pumpkin seeds & sea salt – This flavor will give you the most kick. The salt takes the flavor to a whole different level, along with the crunchy pumpkin seeds.
  • Toasted hazelnuts – My personal favorite flavor wise. The crispy hazelnuts blend perfectly with the smooth taste of chocolate.

Kiss My Keto Chocolate Bars - 4 delicious flavors

Nutrient wise all flavors will set you up for success, but the ones that also contain nuts (Roasted almonds, Pumpkin seeds & sea salt, Toasted hazelnuts) will give you an additional source of high quality fats and some extra minerals that are found in those nuts and seeds.

Contrary to your carb laden bar these healthy snack bars contain MCT oils, an unmissable source of (fast absorbing) fats when it comes to the keto diet. Ideal when you are having an energy dip, or get a rumbly stomach in between meals.

Kiss my Keto chocolate bars contain only 6 to 7 grams of net carbohydrates per serving. The label claims 15 grams, but 8 of those grams are fiber which is not absorbed by your body, but is in fact beneficial for healthy gut flora and a good stool.

Instead of processed sugar these bars will give you a worry free chocolate experience, since they are sweetened with the natural Erythritol.

These bars will contribute to your health and weight loss goals in all the right ways.


– Free from additives

– Sweetened with Erythritol

– Rapidly available energy

– Perfect snack in between meals, eliminating unhealthy cravings for sweets


– They only come in packs of 4 bars, which can make it slightly expensive.

Kiss My Keto Chocolate Bars - Bar nutrition labels

Spicing it up!

Besides straight up eating the bar, which is never a bad idea, there are a ton of recipes you can create using this fantastic chocolate.

One of my personal favorites is using the Kiss my Keto bars to make the ridiculously tasty and creamy hot chocolate. Especially on those cold winter days when you are wrapped in a blanket. This is definitely one of those recipes you swear would contain carbs, but nope 🙂

For the full recipe click the link to the website of Kiss my Keto below.

Kiss My Keto Chocolate Bars - hot chocolate

Another tried and true recipe is keto bark. Now Kiss my Keto does list that on their site(I do recommend you check it out), but I like to give my own twist to it. Instead of using pumpkin seeds to give the bark the bite and kick – I like to use grated coconut, along with hazelnuts.

For the full recipe click the link to the website of Kiss my Keto below.

Kiss My Keto Chocolate Bars - Pumpkin seed bark

If you have any keto recipes involving chocolate I’d love to read about it in the comments!

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The Ideal Snack

What I love so much about the bars from Kiss my Keto is that they change the way you look at chocolate.

Chocolate has always been seen as a snack. A treat to indulge in on Saturday nights. But no longer, by cleverly substituting unhealthy ingredients for natural variants the calorie dense junk is transformed into a super food.

Healthy fats from cacao, aided by MCT oil (perhaps even almonds/hazelnuts/pumpkin seeds if you choose one of those flavors) make it an ideal food for any time of day. In between meals, as a snack, integrated as an ingredient into any of your bakings, or even as a part of your meals isn’t a bad idea.


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