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Ask any individual what food they miss most on their new keto lifestyle and a commonly heard answer will be bread.

It’s easy to see why you would miss this versatile food. It’s very portable, goes with a lot of various ingredients on it, and it can be prepared within minutes.

Of course, the carbs it contains makes it unfit for the ketogenic lifestyle… or does it?

The popular health brand Kiss My Keto has created bread that is supposedly compatible with the keto diet. In this review I will dig into the nutritional label, the flavors, texture of the bread, how it compares to ‘normal’ wholegrain bread & of course if Kiss My Keto bread is as compatible with the ketogenic diet as they claim!

What Is Kiss My Keto Bread?

Obviously when you think of bread, it doesn’t strike you as a keto-compatible food. On the contrary, it contains a lot of carbs.

For the people that have a hard time dropping bread (myself included), but still want to enjoy the benefits that the ketogenic diet delivers; this keto bread appears to be the ideal solution.

The bread is composed of high quality ingredients that support your health. You could say that the bread is made to work around our carbohydrate problem.

The bread is freshly baked once a week. When it is done baking it will immediately be frozen, once it arrives you can store it at room temperature for about a week.

I advise to freeze your bread and take out a slice when you want one, that way the bread stays fresh, and you can enjoy it for as long as possible!

You Can Have Bread, Even On Keto!

If we take a look at your everyday slice of whole bread, on average it will contain around 18 grams of carbs(of which 2 grams of fiber, leaving 16 grams of net carbs). Since you are only allowed trace amounts of carbohydrates, up to around a maximum of 50 grams a day(give or take) regular whole grain/wheat bread is unsuitable for the ketogenic diet.

Kiss My Keto’s bread contains around 5 grams of carbs per slice, of which all 5 grams is fiber. Meaning 0 grams of carbs are to be counted towards your daily intake. The only exception being the cinnamon raisin flavor, which contains 2 grams of net carbs per slice.

This nutritional value makes this keto bread more than suitable for the ketogenic lifestyle. You will continue to burn fat for fuel, and you can basically have as many slices per day as you like!

As you may already know a high fiber intake is essential and should especially be watched when an individual is following the keto diet(since it doesn’t have much fiber rich foods across the board)

Five grams of fiber is considered a lot, which is great! It will keep you full and it will make it far easier for you to steer clear from cheating, and having carby foods.

Kiss my keto bread - Nutrition labels

Why Bread Is Essential On A Keto Diet

I don’t think I have to convince you why you should be consuming bread 😉

You can make a delicious sandwich with it within minutes(avocado, tomato, bacon anyone?), or you can have your slice with salt and peppered scrambled eggs, just to name a few examples. What’s your favorite way to make up your bread?

Kiss My Keto bread comes in four flavors, creating even more possibilities for variation:

  • Cinnamon Raisin (2 grams net carbs)
  • Grain & Seed (0 grams net carbs)
  • Golden Wheat (0 grams net carbs) – Perfect for a grilled cheese sandwich!
  • Dark Wheat (0 grams net carbs)

Kiss my keto bread - Grilled cheese sandwich

Alternatively they sell a variety pack, which contains one piece of each flavor.

Aside from bread being very versatile in how you can make it up, it has very short preparation times making it the ideal food for if you are on the go, or to take with you to work.

This is especially nifty when considering most keto foods have much longer prep times, and can be harder to take with you.

When Should I Eat My Keto Slice?

My own favorite time of the day to consume keto bread is during the morning.

I always feel like I need the extra filling the fiber provides when waking up. It takes the edge of the hunger and sets me up well for the rest of the day.

Another moment I like to have bread is after workouts when I really need the energy. Sometimes I use the Dark Wheat flavored bread (which feels like it fills me up the best) as dinner, and I just spice it up with all kinds of veggies and meat.

Since this bread isn’t very calorically dense, or does not provide a lot of trace carbs you can basically have it anytime you like!

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How I Eat Keto Bread

I love to pair my slice with simple peanut butter after workouts. Easy to make and it provides the energy you need at that time!

The texture is sturdy, but also fluffy at the same time. I honestly can’t taste the difference when compared to whole grain bread from my local bakery.

For dinner I like to pair a couple of slices of Dark Wheat flavored bread with a type meat(either roast beef, or bacon) and scrambled eggs, salt, pepper, and top it off with olives, sun dried tomatoes and basil, yum!

Spicing Up Your Slice!

Kiss My Keto has some amazing recipes of their own you can create with this bread. There are literally dozens of possible combinations, leading to endless variety!

French toast is one of my favorites, I love to make it during the weekends. It makes for the ideal Sunday morning food without cheating on the keto diet. The Kiss My Keto french toast recipe is prepared using the cinnamon raisin flavor.

The BLT sandwich is another recipe that I really missed since going on keto, thankfully this bread allows me to enjoy it once again. The Kiss My Keto BLT sandwich recipe is prepared using the golden wheat flavor.

Kiss My Keto Bread - Keto BLT sandwichKiss My Keto Bread - Keto french toast



– Easy to take with you

– Versatile, you can create dozens of different slices using various ingredients

– Keto proof, only the cinnamon raisin flavor contains trace amounts of carbs

– Naturally sweetened with Stevia

– Free shipping on orders above $40

– International shipping(With the exception of several countries; listed on their site)


– It contains trace amounts of gluten, making the bread unfit for people that are gluten intolerant

– Slices can be on the small side


I’ll be honest with you; When I first started the keto diet I thought I would have a harder time switching up the foods I used to eat, than I really did.

I found the keto diet refreshing since you really need to improvise how to put your meals together.

The one thing I kept missing was bread. Its versatility, taste and the variety it allows for is unmissable. Thankfully Kiss My Keto has provided the ketogenic answer to this problem!

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