Keto Friendly Protein Bars

Kiss My Keto© Snack Bars

Keto Friendly Protein Bars - Keto BarsWhere to Buy: Kiss My Keto

Chocolate coconut, Chocolate cookie-dough, Chocolate Peanutbutter(Available with all three flavors as assortment pack too)

Servings Per Box: 36 bars

Serving Size: 50 grams

Calories Per Serving: 240 calories

Fat Per Serving: 19 grams

Protein Per Serving: 9 grams

Carbohydrates Per Serving: 3 grams

Sweetener: Erithrytol (natural)


When you are following the ketogenic diet you may find some issues with on-the-go meals. While there are some pretty easy on the go keto meals you can prepare before going on the road, or to work – something as easy as a pre packed keto friendly protein bar is a huge convenience.

Contrary to carbohydrate rich foods – most foods that are rich in fats, and thus suitable to consume on the ketogenic diet, do not make up meals on their own. They are often either liquid(coconut oil, olive oil), or raw(high fat meats, cheese) and can that can make it a challenge to stick to the ketogenic diet when you are leaving the comfort of your kitchen.

As you may know you need ample amount of protein, as low an amount of carbs as you can get your hands on, and ample amount of fats on the keto diet to keep your body in the metabolic stat of ketosis, where it is used to burning fat for fuel. That way when you induce a calorie deficit(eat less calories than you burn) with your diet, your body will burn what it now recognizes as its main source of energy – body fat.

In the article i will be reviewing the Kiss My Keto© Snack Bars, a convenient on-the-go meal replacement that is supposedly keto friendly. But are they really?

Do they stick to the ketogenic ratios? What flavors do these protein snack bars come in? Do they contain hidden sugars? Keep reading to find out whether or not they’re keto approved!

Keto Friendly Protein Bars - The three flavors of the Kiss my Keto snackbars

Macronutrient Breakdown

When we look at the optimal ratios of the macronutrients for the standard ketogenic diet, we are referring to 70-75% dietary fat, 20-25% protein, and 5% carbohydrates. These are the optimal percentages to make sure you stay in ketosis.

I personally prefer the lower end of fat, and the higher end of protein(70% fat, 25% protein) because with my high intensity exercise regimen i feel that i recover better and faster from my workouts that way. This may be slightly different for you, depending on your lifestyle & goals.

The reason we need so much fat on the keto diet is so that your body starts to recognize it and learns to utilize it as its main source of fuel. If the metabolic state of burning fat for fuel(Ketosis) is paired with a calorie deficit your body will burn your body fat stores rapidly.

If we look at the Kiss My Keto© Snack bars we see that per serving it contains:

  • 240 Calories
  • 19 grams of fat – Of which 13 grams saturated fat
  • 9 grams of protein   
  • 4 grams of carbohydrates     
  • 12 grams of fiber

Keto Friendly Protein Bars - Kiss my keto snack bar macronutrient breakdown


Its fat contents make up around 71% of its calories which is a perfect amount for the ketogenic diet. The 19 grams of fat in this bar will keep you full for several hours while the bar hardly contains the calories that any other regular meal would.

Around 13 grams of the fat in the Kiss My Keto bar is made up of saturated fats. These are mainly derived from coconut oil, which is a very high quality fat source.

Coconut oil is one of those saturated fats in this bar, and is made up of MCT fatty acid chains. MCT stands for Medium Chain Triglycerides, which are rapidly absorbed fatty acids that bypass your digestive systems and go straight to your liver to be converted into ketones, which will keep you in the fat burning state of ketosis.

Other benefits of MCT fats include improved concentration, reduced lactate build-up when performing exercise, anti fungal & bacterial, supports steady bloodsugar levels & fights cardiovascular disease.

Other sources of healthy saturated fats in this bar are egg yokes, almonds, cashew nuts & cacao which all contain long chain triglycerides. A slower digesting fatty acid chain that will be the cause of satiety for several hours to come.


The percentage of protein in this bar is around 17%, or 9 grams per barFor me, personally this is slightly on the lower side as someone that regularly engages in intense physical exercise. But I will say that for light exercise/sedentary the amount of protein is spot on.

Protein is the macronutrient that will be responsible for the recovery (and possible growth if enough calories are consumed) of your muscles after workouts, but also cell reparation, optimizing your metabolism, causing a feeling of satiety & inducing thermogenesis.

Dietary thermogenesis is a term for when the body produces heat and therefore burns more calories during the day. Protein is the main cause of this effect, and you will therefore indirectly burn more fat throughout the day if an adequate protein consumption is met.

The protein in this bar is derived from high quality sources like whole eggs, milk protein & nuts(cashews, almonds) These foods have a complete protein amino acid profile, so you can rest assured that you are nourishing your body and muscles with high quality protein with this meal replacement bar.

Keto Friendly Protein Bars - Reasons to take a keto bar with you


The remaining 13%, of this bars calorie content consists of carbohydrates(16 grams).

Isn’t that much? Aren’t we allowed only 5% of our calorie intake to come from carbohydrates on keto? Yes and no.

The thing is that you are allowed fiber on the ketogenic diet, and fiber is counted amongst carbohydrates. The Kiss My Keto Snack bar contains 16 grams of carbs, of which there is 12 grams of fiber and only 4 grams of net carbs that you have to count towards your daily intake of maximum 30 grams of carbohydrates(or roughly 5% of your calorie intake)

Fiber is a type of carbohydrate that stimulates your stool, and supports satiety when you consume a meal. An average meal contains 7 grams of fiber, and on the ketogenic diet even less since a lot of foods that contain carbs are also rich in fiber.

Luckily we have some amazing pre packed keto meals like this bar that, with a whopping 12 grams, give us more than enough fiber to last for a couple of hours, all while keeping us in ketosis, and thus – burning our own body fat for fuel. On a sidenote; when consuming large amounts of fiber it is always advisable to drink enough water to support healthy digestion.

4,5 out of 5 stars for macronutrients

The Costs

One pack of the Kiss My Keto snack bars contains 36 bars of 50 grams.

One bar can adequately serve as a meal replacement, especially when consumed with enough water so the fiber really sucks up all the water and fills you up. With that in mind, and the fact that you should use these as an addition to your ketogenic diet, based on whole foods – you can last just fine with one pack for at least 5 weeks, possibly more if you don’t consume one bar daily.

I find the price to be very attractive for what you get, especially when compared to the competition, and when you consider that the ingredients in this bar are of very high quality. Eggs, cacao powder, coconut oil, erythritol, almonds, cashews & MCT oils are all premium high quality food sources that will support ketosis, your weight loss & overall health, it really is a no-brainer.

4,5 out of 5 stars for the costs


The Kiss My Keto snack bars come in 3 flavors: Chocolate coconut, Chocolate cookie-dough & Chocolate Peanutbutter. 

I myself am an avid lover of peanutbutter so the first one i tried upon opening my variety pack was of course the chocolate peanutbutter – and i have to say it was a delight to consume. The chocolate is really creamy and blends very well with the peanut flavor, it kind of reminded me of the taste of a snickers bar.

The second one i tried was the chocolate coconut. This flavor is slightly less extravagant but i still thoroughly enjoyed consuming it. It’s flavor was slighty more bland in my opinion though.

My second most favorite flavor was the chocolate cookie dough. It is so creamy and sweet – you would swear it is loaded with carbs when you try it(fortunately it isn’t!)

Overall i find that Kiss My Keto has nailed it with a versatile amount of chocolate flavors. I would recommend to order the variety pack since they are all very yummy, and you won’t burn out on one flavor if you keep mixing it up.

5 star rating for flavor

Are They Worth It?

To anyone who is serious about his ketogenic journey, and is looking for the perfect on-the-go snack/meal replacement that is packed with high quality nutrients that keep you satiated, your fat burning processes optimized, contribute to the recovery of your muscles, all while providing a sensational bite with enjoyable flavor – i can wholeheartedly say yes.

The costs are fair for the ingredients that are in it, and with 36 bars per pack they will last you a while.

For this review I had these bars as my pre-workout meal, which worked really wel for me, I have to say. I always workout during the mornings when my appetite isn’t that big yet, but i still need some energy in my system to fuel my workout. These Kiss My Keto© bars did an excellent job at just that. In fact – even after the review i have continued my use of these bars as my go-to workout nutrition, along with a keto meal replacement shake from Ketologic© as a post-workout recovery shake for my muscles.

Have you tried these bars? What do you think of the flavors it comes in? Do you feel full and satiated after consuming them?

Let me know in the comment section!


Final score for the Kiss My Keto snack bars is 4,5 out of 5 stars


6 thoughts on “Keto Friendly Protein Bars”

  1. These bars sort of remind me of Quest Bars in a way, but come with better ingredients, plus since they’re Keto they’ll be higher in fats and lower in proteins. I’m not a Keto guy, but I actually love this macronutrient breakdown, and it’s something that even the non-Keto user can incorporate into their own nutritional regimen, especially between meals or before going to sleep, since the higher fat content will slow digestion, and when prepped with the adequate protein content, will lead to a fuller feeling. You can’t beat that anywhere, and 36 bars to a single box makes me feel it’s a fantastic value product. 

    • Indeed, while the bar is aimed at people who follow the ketogenic lifestyle, it can very well be used on any other diet as well.

      The fat, and protein in this bar are of high quality nourishing ingredients that will keep you satiated and will provide you with high quality slow released energy, perfect on any moment during your day.


  2. These Keto Protein Bars look great and buying them in the box like that is cheaper than buying them separately. I am going to try them, as I find the problem with most protein bars is that they don’t serve as a meal replacement as they don’t fill you up for long. Maybe because of the extra fat content in these bars, they will keep me going for longer and I won’t be tempted to snack on other things.

    • Hey Michel,

      Do let me know what you think about their flavor, and which flavor you got!

      Indeed, while most other bars on the market do contain protein – which is the macronutrient that is primarily responsible for causing satiety – they often lack the contributing effects that fiber and fats have on satiety as well.

      If you have consumed one of these bars you will not have any feelings hunger, which is caused by the large amount of nutrients you are feeding your muscles/cells/organs with with this bar.

      There is a lot of junk out theree, even health bars and shakes that are advertised and labelled as being healthy that contain all these empty ingredients or are full with artificial sweeteners/fillers.

      This bar gets all its macronutrients from organic ingredients which is very noticeable in not just the satiety, but the flavor and even the weight of the bar as well.

      All in all it just oozes quality!


  3. Keto with three all-time great tastes chocolate coconut, chocolate peanut butter, and chocolate cookie dough have a healthy distribution of carbs only 13%, fats 71% and protein 17%. 

    These assure anyone on the go to have a quick energy food anywhere anytime as it is in packed in handy pocket-sized pieces, and can be had 36 pieces in one Keto box! 

    The price is super reasonable and super saver for meals when you haven’t got time to go to prepare meals and you have scheduled meetings, projects or if life simple happens. 

    his is it, a good source of energy that fills you up.

    Thanks for the review Bryan

    • Exactly! These bars come with the right macro nutrient ratios, so it can serve as excellent on the go snacks. I use them when i’m not at home in between meals, they do make you feel satiated and give you some energy as well.

      They are pretty well priced indeed, the quality of the product is great and it doesn’t make you doubt one second if you are taking the right thing.

      Thank you for sharing your opinion 🙂


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