A keto diet plan for women – the fat fueled program [Review]

This article was written by Samantha, she is a contributor to my website and loves to share some of her own experiences on keto and all things healthy. 

For all the women who struggle with the more traditional keto diet methods out there, I want to give this some extra attention.

So let’s talk about a good Keto diet plan for women. The Keto diet guidelines barely focus on women specific issues that you might encounter. Being a woman myself, I know the difficulties that come with it. Believe me: This diet can also work for you, and it will work!

The Keto diet works as good for women as it does for men, it’s just our bodies are, of course, different than those of men. With some adjustments to the way you use the Keto diet, it may become less of a diet and more of a way of life that completely works for you and it will make you love your body 🙂

The FAT fueled program introduction

It can be hard to just start and thinking you are doing the right thing seeing little to no results after weeks of dedication.

Let me tell you…. that’s not gonna work. You will lose motivation and quickly fall back into your old habits. That’s why you need a PLAN.

There are meal plans out there that already did all the thinking for you, you just have to follow it. This is quite easy actually, think of it as your daily food agenda, once you get it into your system the rest will follow naturally.

You are probably here because you want to burn that stubborn body fat. Maybe you have already taken a look around this website to see that the primary goal here is to use fat to burn your body fat. I’m going to tell that you can get LEAN while eating fat, that probably sounds too good to be true doesn’t it? Well it is very good and fortunately it’s also true…

Of course, we are talking about foods here with the good and healthy fats that your body is going to use as it’s prime resource. Before we begin, it is time to ask yourself the following questions (be honest to yourself!)

  • Am I insecure about my body weight?
  • Do I want to get rid of unwanted body fat (like belly fat)?
  • Do I want to feel fitter?
  • Do I want to change? Do I want to become a BETTER version of myself?

If the answer to these questions was a “YES” then you are in the right place.

I’m going to introduce you to the Fat fueled Keto program by international best-selling author Leanne Vogel.

And to beautifully quote Leanne here: “Created by a woman, for women

Fat Fueled 30-day Program

How is this gonna help me?

When you want something you have to work for it, having a plan and something to follow here really helps to achieve your goals. The good thing is YOU WILL GET USED TO IT. Before you know it you will have turned your body into a fat burning machine that is using FAT itself to burn it. Fat will be our primary source of fuel and this will provide our body with MANY other healthy benefits.

All it takes is 30 days to get it up and running…. yes that’s right 30 DAYS.

When these 30 days are over, you will never want to go back to your old self. Not only will you feel much better and more energetic, you will be so used to consuming healthy fats and it’s incredible side effects that this is the new YOU.


So let me give you some spoilers here about the new you and how you will feel/look like after following the fat fueled keto program by Leanne.
woman doing exercises

You will feel more energetic (no more constant need for caffeine)

You will feel less anxiety

You will have more of a “balanced mood”

You wont get constant hunger feelings

You will sleep much better (reducing stress and helping you feel fit.)

Your memory will improve

More balanced periods (pain free)

And of course….–> LESS UNWANTED BODY FAT <– you are actively burning this right now.

Let me be clear: At this point (after 30 days) you will be well on your way teaching your body to use fat to burn it as it’s primary resource. SO what that means is you will already be well on your way of getting leaner and getting rid of that unwanted body fat from the old you. You can do additional exercises at the gym or at home to help improve yourself and build some extra muscle tissue, but it is not required.

The Contents

The program is completely digital and contains 324 pages in .PDF format. It will be delivered to you instantly upon purchase in your e-mail. From here you can download the program and keep it for as long as you like, it’s yours. Should you lose it you can even mail Leanne and get the program again so no worries here!

This is the complete package to stop struggling now and focus on what really matters: that you feel good and healthy.

The program contains an in-depth guidebook (everything you need to know) and a cookbook with over 60 keto recipes containing high fat delicious foods (Quick meals and even drinks are included!) nicely illustrated and complete with all the details and ingredients that you need.

The “30 day mindful meal plan” which is also included contains over 90 combinations of fat fueled keto eating using pure and natural/healthy foods. This makes sure you are covered for breakfast, lunch, in between quickly served snacks and dinner.

Finally, the program helps you to overcome some challenges like the keto flu as well.

Fuel and heal yourself with fat


Take charge of your health today and learn what it feels like to be fat fueled. You can stop searching the internet trying all sorts of methods that do not work because you are not following a plan and do not have clear goals. Remember: you need to change your lifestyle if you want to make the difference that you are looking for.

The Fat fueled program has it all sorted out for you, so why not take control and start now, TODAY. Today is the day you change and become who you really want to be, without all the questions that remain because this program tells you all you need to know and more. It is already sorted out for you, all that you need to do is to actually go ahead and DO IT.

It is likely that you have already tried diets on the internet or elsewhere that claim to make you feel better and deal with your weight struggles. I can tell you to stop searching now, because the cost of this program is only $45. It will save you a lot of time and also frustration, because you will be frustrated sooner or later when you don’t see the results and certainly so if you have to find out everything yourself. Well you don’t need to do that, do not re-invent the wheel as it was already done for you.

For only $45 you can make your life so much easier (and better!) and you will have finally found what you are looking for.

Gone are the days of not knowing what to eat, when to eat, and if it’s good for you.

It is time to deal with your weight problem and the insecurities that come with it. Many women did so before you (including myself!) and succeeded because of the fat fueled program, I hope you join us today!


If you have any questions please let me know and I will be happy to help you out, so feel free to leave a comment below! Prefer to mail me? You can send your mail to info@eatfattoburnfat.com or you can reach out to me directly at samantha@eatfattoburnfat.com

I look forward to meeting you, and hearing about your progress and your own experiences, please share them with me below. 🙂

With love ❤


14 thoughts on “A keto diet plan for women – the fat fueled program [Review]”

  1. I really enjoyed reading Samantha’s article about the keto lifestyle. This Fat Fueled Keto Program looks like it would be great for newbies. When I started doing low carb 5 years ago I just taught myself what to do from reading up on it online. I think it is helpful having the support of a program like this. Thanks for sharing this information.

  2. Hi! I really like following plans. You’re right, when there is no plan we’ll lose motivation pretty quick. So I’ll give your program a try for 30 days. I must confess I’m a bit skeptical, but I’ll put my best into your program.

    Is there a sneak peek we can take into the PDF before purchasing? I’m interested in seeing part of the content. Thank you very much for spreading the word about this program.

    • Hi Henry,

      There is a free 12-page guide available that you can try.
      This free guide is also written by leanne and should give you a good overview of what to expect.

      You can find the free guide here

      Best wishes!


  3. I started the Keto diet about a month ago, without any recipes or guidance.  Kind of looked it up to see the percentages for fat, protein and carbs.  It has been somewhat successful.  But what I have been lacking is a meal plan and some guidance.  At the end of the day I end up with needing more fat LOL.  I have had a little bit of a hard time eating enough fat.  So I will check out your meal plan and see if that might be for me.  I don’t really want to make any “off the wall” recipes and stick to the basics.  Will that be possible for me?

  4. Hi! I enjoyed reading the article as I’m sort of into dieting but not really totally into it, you know what I mean. My parents have been deeply involved with Herbalife lifestyle so, I was kind of exposed to the dieting fad. And learning about Keto on your page is a great thing.

  5. Wow, nice article, fat loss is one of the toughest tasks because it really needs more effort, time and strict diet. The major part is diet it is hard to follow the diet for a long time but I think Fat fueled program gives results within 30 days and it think it has the best diet plan that we can follow for 30 days and get results. I really need to give a try. I think I find this program best for fat loss and I would love to share this program with my friends.

    Thank you for sharing such useful information. I really enjoyed this article.

  6. Keto really works!  I have been in the Keto diet now for over a year. I have lost 75lbs. I am off several of the medications that I was having to take. It is truly a lifestyle for me now. It is the only thing that I have ever been able to maintain and not be hungry. I feel great and don’t have to exercise like a maniac!  

  7. I have been searching online about the Keto diet for so long, and never really understand what it was. After reading your article I realize why it’s so much hype around this diet. You’re right The Fat Fueled Program does sound like something, that I need to look further into.

    I’ve had many children and I can never get rid of my belly. Although, it’s not huge to some, it’s huge for me. Anyhow, I’ve always heard that belly fat is dangerous or can become dangerous. What happens after the 30 days? Are you saying If I stick with this program for 30 days, eating healthy will become a habit? Very interesting!

    You have opened my eyes to a lot of things. Eating healthier certainly will help me and my entire family live a better Us. I’ll be looking around your website to see what other keto tips I can pick up. 

    • Hi Lakisha,

      Yes that’s right! After 30 days your lifestyle will have changed so much that we can safely call it a makeover. Completely living the healthy way will make you more balanced as now it has indeed become a habit.

      Your body will have learned to burn fat in your body first and foremost as that is now its main resource for fuel and thus eliminating belly fat as well!

      Good luck!


  8. Hello. I really enjoyed your article. In 2012 I started a Keto eating plan for my family because my late husband had cancer. I have Diabetes and Heart problems. I felt terrific on the Keto plan but after my husband passed away It kind of went out the window.

    I so much need to get back into the Keto plan. Just remembering how different I felt with tons of energy and now I am lagging plus the point that I have put on very not wanted or needed weight. Just for my health I need to do this. I hardly ever do anything for myself, but this I need to do for myself.

    Thank you for giving me a renewed love of myself to get this going again. 

  9. Without any confusion, Samantha’s review is so helpful post. My mother’s weight is 112kg. She always worried about this. She always try to lose her weight. That’s why she eats much less. But your review will release my mom’s tension. Your keto diet plan is excellent. I will show your post to my mom as soon as possible. Are your instructions able to lose my mom’s over weight?

  10. This seems like the complete package for losing weight using the Keto Diet Plan for Women, which is a fat-fuelled program for women. I see that you get an extensive set of tools to include a guidebook, recipes, and a 30-day meal plan. The tips on how to deal with things like the keto-flu are also a nice touch.

    I have seen so many plans that simply did not provide the things that you are confronted with when you go into these diets, and the success rate if not good, at least from what I have seen. This is why when I saw everything that you have included with the $45 package, I knew that this one is different.

    Are there also resources to help find more keto recipes and ideas as a part of the package? I know there is a ton of websites that focus on keto diets, but I am not sure which ones are worth my time. I would like to have that as part of the focus on the plan that you have put together.  

  11. I think it’s awesome to purchase a diet program with recipes for only $45. It’s also less stressful to have the 30 day diet meals already laid out for you.Saves you time from planning especially if you got a lot in your hands. I personally haven’t tried Keto and I’m still researching more about it. I need to find out if it’s a good choice for constipated people because that has been my problem lately. I’ve seen a lot of good results from this diet program.We ought to keep a healthy lifestyle no matter what diet or exercise we choose. More people are choosing keto because results are noticeable. Thanks for this wonderful article!

  12. Thank you for this information. I have been always one to eat healthy, especially after I have experienced how a healthy diet can have dramatic positive effects on preventing and even reversing certain diseases. Hippocrates did say “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

    I follow a similar diet of plant-based with good fats and lean meats. When my girlfriend is staying here at my place I do the cooking and she eats healthy. However when she is at her home, she has no healthy plan to follow. I am going to suggest that she gets your PDF file of your keto diet plan. I think this is exactly what she needs.


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