Keto 28 day challenge

What is the Keto 28 day challenge?

The Keto 28 day challenge is about YOU challenging yourself to start the Keto lifestyle and hold on to it for 28 days without falling back to your regular lifestyle. The challenge is for people who had no success losing weight with the various diets they have tried out. The idea is that during these 28 days you gain the motivation to continue with the Keto diet by losing weight in a very short time.

You are probably here because you are unhappy with your current body weight. This keto 28 day challenge will transform you from your old “normal” lifestyle and introduce you to the Keto lifestyle in 28 days by using a dedicated meal plan. You can combine this with exercise to make you fitter and accelerate the burning of body fat. Most people struggle with this transition process from their “standard” way of life ( consumption of carbs and sugar)  to the keto diet. The keto diet can be intimidating to start because it radically changes the way you eat and that is where this 28 day challenge comes in.

Why take on the challenge?

The idea that you can change to a new way of life in a mere 28 days sounds a lot better than the same change in months or even years, right? This exactly what a 28 day challenge is all about. To make that change in just a month! Is that possible? For sure it is! But the longer you keep delaying it the longer it will take to see that change become reality.

I can tell you people can lose as much as 40 pounds in a month with the Keto diet. That’s right, 40 pounds! In just 28 days…. That’s insane. In just 28 days you can realize what you thought was impossible; you can drastically lose weight. Imagine the look on your friends faces when they see you change this much in such a short time!

Keto will make your body lose fat rapidly and has been proven a very effective method to lose stubborn body fat. Even when other diets you have tried yielded no results; Keto is different. The 28 day Keto challenge can show fascinating results if you stick to it and complete it, but it needs your help 😉

Keto 28 day challenge - Measuring the waistlineYou could be measuring your waistline in about a month from now and notice a spectacular difference 😉

Think about the new years resolutions at the start of each new year, how many of those do you realize? Have you realized the new years resolutions you had for this year? Chances are you gave up in less than 2 months! Recognizable? This is why deadlines are so important, they are goals that need to be achieved to keep you going and doing what you set out to do!

Even if you do it in small steps, this will be way more effective than just starting out without a plan only to give up way sooner than you might have imagined. You need to set goals so you can work towards them, but more importantly to set realistic goals for yourself and see the progress you make towards your grand goal. Seeing is believing!
The problem with small, incremental steps is that people do not see results quick enough and tend to lose motivation. Which is completely normal….

A 28 day Keto challenge is a challenge indeed, but FAR more people succeed in doing these challenges than traditional new year resolutions because they do not set deadlines for themselves and lose motivation and thus quit.

Start with a Plan

The easiest way to achieve success is with a plan written by an expert.
They have already laid out the path for you, you just have to follow it, and as you know this is challenging enough already. However, I promise, after the 28 days challenge you will see results that you have worked so hard for. Wether that is Muscle Building or fat burning, if you stick to it and persist in your efforts it will pay off! Promise!

My Keto meal Plan Recommendation

So… you made the decision to take on the challenge? Excellent! Soon you will look and feel like a new person! More importantly, your confidence will return and you will feel in control!

Keto 28 day challenge - Challenge yourself!

As soon as you begin you essentially challenge yourself to quit your regular lifestyle and adapt to Keto. However figuring out what to eat, when to eat and repeat this in the coming weeks is tough for beginners. This is where Keto meal plans come in! This is central to your keto 28 day challenge. The meal plan basically does your homework for you; from breakfast to dinner, it has got you covered! All you need to do is prepare the meals and eat them (and refrain from touching anything with carbs or sugar of course! Ignore those sweets!)

So, where to begin? A good keto meal plan is more than a meal plan, it guides your trough the several challenges keto provides and helps overcome the early hardships. It doesn’t just offer you the recipes for the meals at dinner, but also the other important meal moments of the day; think about breakfast, lunch and some snacks in between! Next to that it has done all the math for you, you do not have to figure out the macros of food for yourself! Also, NO calorie counting!! 🙂

I would recommend you the Fat Fueled Program written by Keto Nutritionist Leanne Vogel.

You will get to know your body like you never did before, and you will learn to use the power of Keto to burn fat.

Once you apply, the program will be delivered to you digitally in your mailbox in a 324-page PDF format.
Your weight loss journey starts here, are you ready to take control?

Keto 28 day challenge - The Fat fueled program

Keto beginners can use some inspiration for meals, this new way of life will take some getting used to and food is probably the hardest factor to change. Fear not, this meal plan written by an expert will guide you. The Meal plan provides all the recipes for you with all the calculations of what your body needs to start burning fat.

All you need to do is prepare the meals and eat them.

Some Tips…

– Focus on competing with yourself not others

It is absolutely vital that you do not compare yourself to others and their progress. They have different goals, different jobs and different time schedules than you do, so focus on your efforts and your efforts only!

– Do not ask yourself if this will work or not. Stop wondering and take action.

Seriously, negative thinking will always result in failure. Don’t ask yourself these questions but prove yourself it works by starting the 28 day challenge and completing it. Maybe after these 28 days the results are less than you might have thought, but results are results, remember that! if you can lose 2 KG of body weight than you can lose more! Its a brilliant start and the beginning is the hardest. it will only get easier from here on out!

 But I do not have the time for this…

Nonsense. Everyone does! Its about priorities! Get your priorities straight, no more excuses! Take time to prepare the meals  the challenge provides and schedule your workouts throughout the week. Completing these will give you more energy to go on and book some amazing results!

Keep the focus on your goal

Positive thinking will keep you going. Keep your goal in sight and remember yourself why you are doing this. When the results roll in it will get so much easier. Also think about the fact that is just 28 days. After this things will go automatically and you will completely used to Keto. Add to that the results you will see after this time and this should motivate you to not give up.

Good Luck!

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