Is green tea for weight loss [Fad or fat loss?]

Green tea is a drink that has been consumed for centuries, but it has increasingly gained a lot of attention over the past decade or so, mainly due to the popularity it has gained in the world of health, fitness and weight loss. It originates from China where it was discovered by emperor Shen Nung. During a break he boiled a cup of water, because of the wind some tea leaves wailed down in his cup and thus the legendary drink was invented, completely by accident!

At the start of the 17th century the DEIC, the Dutch East India Company(or VOC) exported tea back to Europe which eventually lead to it being exported to the United States as well, sparking its worldwide popularity. In present times this popular tea is also tailored in Central America, Kenya, Turkey, India, Indonesia & Sri Lanka.

Green tea being poured into cups

In this article I will go over the various health benefits that have been attributed to the drink. Effects such as increased life span, faster metabolism, stress relief and more. I will also present you with a variation of green tea that is supposed to be even more effective. But is it true, or just another health hype – like so many came and went over the years.

And last but not least – I will of course get to the burning question we all want to have answered with a resounding YES – Is green tea for weight loss?

The plant behind the tea

The plant that daily satisfies over 3 billion people with their favorite drink is the Camellia sinensis, the star behind green tea. Making 10 out of every 12 Americans a regular consumer of tea. This plant is the parent of not just green tea, but black tea & the not-as-commonly-known white tea as well.

Global tea consumption statistics in 2 diagrams

All the above teas stem from the same Camellia sinensis plant. Black tea are leaves that undergo a fermentation process. Green tea are the same leaves at the same age(without fermentation), & white tea are Camellia sinensis leaves when are plucked is created when the leaves are still very young and small.

Contrary to black tea – Green tea(and white tea as well) doesn’t undergo a fermentation process. Fermantation is the process of heating the tea leaves under high humidity which will alter its properties, changing the color and flavor of the tea, making it more intense and deep. Because green tea does not undergo this process it is not altered, making it completely natural

Losing weight by consuming green tea – the facts and cause

The most important ingredient that is responsible for the fat loss effects caused by green tea is the flavonoid called EGCG ( or epigallocatechin gallate) EGCG is an anti-inflammatory compound, and a strong antioxidant which is present in large quantities in green tea. It disarms the free radicals present in our bodies. It also acts as a strengthener for our immune system.
Flat belly

EGCG also has the special trait of increasing the heat production within our bodies, which indirectly raises our metabolic functions – which will result in an increased rate of fat burning. This means that every activity that we burn more fat throughout the day during all of our activities. It is estimated that the total amount of extra fat burned this way is roughly 6(!)

The facts

  • Reduction In stress hormones: Green tea reduces the production of cortisol in the human body. A stress hormone that is responsible for the storage of fat tissue. A reduction in cortisol will also result in a calmer state of mind. You will definitely feel more zen upon consumption!
  • Reduced appetite: Green tea is void of calories, but it does fill you up causing you to eat less – especially when consuming prior to eating a meal.
  • Increased metabolism: Your metabolism will increase up to 6% with the consumption of green tea(Because of EGCG). The faster your metabolism is, the more calories you burn which results in more fat burning per day!
  • Increased body temperature: Which will result in more fat burned per day because the natural reaction of your body will be to cool down. Cooling your body down is an intense process for your body which will burn a lot of calories – resulting yet again, in fat loss!

Other benefits

All in all this is a great tonic to add to your weight loss(read: keto ????) plan. Aside from the fat burning benefits it is also good for a host of other benefits!

  • Green tea is anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-bacterial protecting your body from infections and inflammation.
  • Green tea provides protection from UV light.
  • Green tea may lessen nausea & acute pain.
  • It has a rejuvenating effect on your skin because of the high concentrations of collagen and elastin.
  • The L-Theanine that is present in green tea will provide you with better quality sleep.
  • Helps to prevent mental illness such as Parkinson and Alzheimer.
  • Fights joint related diseases such as artritis.
  • Green tea helps prevent and contribute to healing process of heart disease.

How many cups do I have to consume in order to notice the benefits?

Anywhere from 3 cups will set you up to optimally notice the benefits. As an adult – I would not recommend you to exceed the maximum consumption of 10 cups per day due to the presence of Theine

In order to make your tea as healthy as possible, it is important that you brew your tea correctly.

This is done by either boiling the water to 212 degrees Fahrenheit(100 degrees Celsius) and waiting 5 minutes for it to cool down to approximately 175 degrees Fahrenheit(80 degrees Celsius) Or by adding 4 parts of boiling water and 1 part of cold water to achieve around the same temperature.

Proceed by adding the tea mixture/bag for at least 5 minutes.


Green tea disgusts me!

If you are not pleased with the flavor of green tea, or you don’t have the time to brew the tea multiple times a day(If you are on the road a lot for example), but you still want to experience its benefits – there is an alternative.

Zenwise sells these amazing green tea extract capsules that are pretty high dosed (the equivalent of around 4 cups of green tea, and twice as much green tea extract than competitors such as NOW foods’ capsules) and is the cheapest on the market(No need to over-pay!).

Another option would be to buy your green tea with a flavor. There is a vast amount of flavors ranging from lemon to raspberry to Jasmine(pretty much whatever you can imagine these days)

Matcha green tea – even better?

A variant to the standard every day green tea, is matcha green tea. This is a far(!) more concentrated form of green tea. in fact – you’d have to drink 8 cups of normal green tea to match the nutritional value(and EGCG content) of 1 cup of matcha green tea.

Instead of boiling the leaves and brewing them with high temperatures – which undeniably results in some effective substances to become lost – matcha green tea are green tea leaves that are pulverized into a powdered substance. This is then mixed with hot water, Because you not only consume the water extracted from the leaves, you consume the actual leaves themselves – increasing the already powerful effects regular green tea itself has to offer. Matcha green tea & matcha powder

Only the finest leaves are selected for matcha green tea, they are always harvested by hand. The leaves are then carefully being taken apart from the veins, that way only the leafy parts remain, which are then being grinded to the ultra fine, almost silky powder.

The taste of matcha green tea is also noticeably different from regular tea. Because of the fiber in the leaves it also makes the substance slightly thicker, the liquid is actually green(as opposed to the brownish color of regular green tea).


            * Example of 2 matcha green tea products, click the images to go to their respective pages on

Bulletproof Matcha Green Tea

We can still top the health boosting & fat burning properties that matcha green tea provides by making it bulletproof.

What is bulletproof? – The bulletproof concept originates from the coffee. Bulletproof coffee is made by adding a serving of grass fed butter, coconut oil & MCT oil to coffee. This stimulates the production of ketones, provides the body with an extremely fast source of high quality energy & ramps up your metabolism.

Bulletproof coffee on keto is a brilliant drink to consume on the keto diet to continue producing ketones all day.

The formerly mentioned fats can of course also be added to matcha green tea, creating the Bulletproof Matcha Green Tea. The combination of the ketone production that the healthy fats will stimulate, and the EGCG from the Match green tea makes this the ultimate nutritional fat burning stay-in-ketosis drink.

I wouldn’t say bulletproof matcha green tea is healthier than bulletproof coffee – as coffee has its own array of boosting benefits. But bulletproof matcha certainly is a great alternative to still reap the benefits from bulletproof, without consuming coffee(If coffee ain’t your thing)

I personally love both, they each have their unique flavor and are equally enjoyable in their own regard. However, the bulletproof green tea has a slight edge in terms of taste over coffee for me(I’m a teaddict 🙂 )

White tea

The juvenile variant of green tea. They are made from the same tea leaves but in order to create white tea the leaves have to be plucked when they are still young and small which means that it has the same effective substances(but in higher concentrations) when compared to green tea, but amplified!

Although there is no scientific evidence as of writing this that white tea beats the fat burning effects of green tea –it is arguable since the other benefits are more noticeable upon consuming white tea.

Unique to white tea(not just in comparison to green tea – but to any tea) is the ability to even destroy the organisms that cause illness and the flu. Yes, white tea is that powerful, even though its subtly sweet flavor won’t give that away.

The taste is a lot less bitter than green tea I’d say, which I bet a lot of people will prefer over green tea’s argueably acquired taste.

Is green tea for weight loss

Green fountain of youth!

Overall both green tea(Matcha included) & white tea will significantly contribute to your overall health. There are several ways these tea’s will contribute to your weight loss. It protects your body from a host of diseases, offers metabolic benefits & the natural detoxation of your body.

And while the mentioned teas alone can offer a crucial role in fat loss, they won’t work miracles. It has a supporting role in your the bigger picture; being your overall lifestyle and road to fat loss!

What is your favorite tea of the ones i talked about? Maybe you would like to share your unique tea recipe? What benefits have you felt since drinking this healthy natural tonic?

As always if you have any questions, please leave them below!

Have a blessed day,


8 thoughts on “Is green tea for weight loss [Fad or fat loss?]”

  1. Hi Bryan,

    I really enjoyed reading your article. It gave me quite an education on green tea. I never knew that the green tea, black tea, and white tea were all derived from the same plant! I did try a green tea diet using pills to lose weight, and it did work! Although, I agree the taste is somewhat bitter, so here is what I do. I put a teaspoon of good wildflower honey, along with a squeeze of fresh lemon, stir that up and it is wonderful! However, I will let the water cool down, I was using boiling water!

    Btw, what is Theine? You mentioned that green tea contains it, and too much is not good? I am curious!

    Thank you for this delightful education! I will be back for sure!


  2. Thanks for an interesting and engaging article. I’ve been drinking green tea for years. There’s a lot of benefits detailed here that I wasn’t aware of, there is a history of alzheimer’s that runs in my step fathers family so you can be sure i’ll be bringing this to their attention!, great images in the article too!. Keep up the good work.

    • Hey Rus,

      I’m glad you enjoyed reading the article & found it informative! Green tea is indeed a solid contributing factor to prevent alzheimer.

      As a healthy lifestyle – consisting of a diet with whole food sources(i highly recommend the keto diet), and regular exercise also has this preventive effect i recommend you pair the two to optimize the effects that green tea provides.

      Have a great day,

  3. Hi Bryan

    As a keen tea drinker I really appreciate this article as I do drink green tea on a regular basis. I found the range of health benefits to be very surprising. Does it promote fat burning I do not know, as obviously you will burn more fat if you exercise regularly. I do think tea is a good pick me up and we benefit those who consume it regular.

    As tea contain caffeine, do you think 10 cups will be too excessive? As tea can be a diuretic, do you think it can irritate the bladder?

    Thank you


  4. I can completely agree with your closing remark. They are there to give you an extra boost, nothing more. You will notice a
    difference if you are already actively working on your body and take the tea as a supplement, but the main change needs to come from your own outside efforts. On their own they are not enough, but combined with other factors they will make a change. I also like the idea of experimenting with various types of tea’s (there are so many types!), and seeing what works for you. Let alone just switching things up from time to time.

    My sensei (yeah…) is constantly drinking tea and recommended me tea’s and various other  “superfoods” as an extra boost to body and mental sharpness, but always stressed that if I wasn’t putting in the hard work myself they weren’t going to help me.

  5. Hello, Bryan.  I enjoyed reading your post and learning more about the tea I like to drink on a regular basis.  as a matter of fact, I am having some right now.

    I don’t think I have heard about Matcha Green Tea but, as I suspected, some of the reviews on Amazon say it can be mixed into a smoothie.  Using the powdered form in that way actually appeals to me.

    I also knew that tea had good benefits to our health but I was unaware of just how far those benefits actually went.  This means that I will have to up my intake a little.

    My wife has an issue with caffeine so I was wondering if there is much, if any, in green tea as it seems that even minute amounts effect her.  She’s not allergic, it just causes other issues.  If there is caffeine in the tea, is there a free version and does it have the same benefits?

    Just one other thing I saw in your post.  In your list of benefits, you mention that it prevents mental illnesses such as Parkinson and Alzheimer.  I’m presuming that you meant to say “Helps prevent mental illnesses such as Parkinson and Alzheimer” as I know there is no cure for these yet.  Just a point of clarification.

    That said, there are still plenty of great reasons to drink Green Tea and I learned a few more of those today.

    Thanks again,


    • Hi Wayne,

      I’m glad you found the article informative.

      Matcha green tea is indeed very versatile in it use. I have never actually tried it in a smoothie, but i can imagine it doesn’t taste too bad. In fact – i think i’m gonna try this out later and let you know what i think!

      Green tea contains around 25 to 30 mg of theine(The same as caffeine) which is not too bad! As a comparison – coffee contains around 45 mg per cup. If your wife is indeed sensitive to caffeine/theine i would advise her not to consume green tea anywhere upwards of two – three hours before going to bed.

      Another alternative is indeed caffeine/theine free green tea. This matcha green tea for instance, is completely free of caffeine, making it ideal to consume prior to going to bed as well.

      You are indeed right! It will not prevent alzheimer, but certainly aid in fighting its development – thank you for noticing this, i will amend it in the article 🙂


  6. Being born in India and growing up in England, enjoying a cup of tea or two a day has become a habit. I went to school in the Himalayas around Darjeeling and we were surrounded by tea plantations. The main tea produced was orange pekoe, commonly known as black tea. When I visit Chinese restaurants I always order a pot of green tea.

    I learned several things from your blog. I was shocked to find out that tea should not be brewed with boiling hot water. That is the way we always made tea. We warmed the pot with the boiling water, put the tea bags in and poured the rest of the water into the pot. I will start letting the water cool a little before brewing tea again. 

    Since there are so many health benefits of tea, especially green tea, I am inclined to have several cups a day now. Do you know how effective is back tea compared to green tea for the benefits you discussed? I didn’t like the description of white tea since it was made up of fresh leaves rather than the dried variety. 

    You taught me several things I didn’t know about tea and will try to use tea more effectively in the future.


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