High Fat Keto Snacks – Healthy and easy on the go!

Keto snacks are the ideal way to eat the right foods on the go while refraining from taking regular snacks to take away that hungry feeling. Most keto snacks are just like most protein bars, they are artificial and not thus not very healthy and some even contain sugar and very bad fat ratios. Good keto snacks are mostly High Fat Keto Snacks that are often natural products and they are more common than you would think!

What Are Keto Snacks

Keto snacks are easy on the fly “meals” that you can use when feeling hungry that contain the right keto-friendly ingredients. These can come in the form of bars (kiss my keto bars <– Link) or other handy snacks such as nuts, seeds or even bread!
Ideally you will want to choose all natural healthy products.

Remember that most artificially produced keto foods such as keto snacks or bars from all sorts of brands have some clever marketing in their favor that make all kinds of claims being healthy. They are targeted at the people who don’t know what foods to take in throughout the day because they cannot find the keto alternative to their old trusted carb loaded snacks.
Keto is a very healthy lifestyle, but that does not automatically mean that every bar produced without carbs and full of fats is healthy. This is why it is best to stick to natural products!

Why you should consider having Keto Snacks with you!

Keto snacks are absolutely a MUST for everyone on the Keto diet. We all know the struggle of not having the right foods at hand when you are at work or a day out with your family or friends! Especially when you are new to Keto this can be a big challenge to overcome. Fortunately, it is easier than it might seem at first. It is just some getting used to and getting to know which foods to look for now that you have ditched the carbs. Try to stick to natural foods as much as possible.

My keto snack recommendations!

High Fat Keto Snacks - Delicious Cashew NutsThese are my favorite keto snacks and you should seriously check them out 🙂 Here are my Top 5 Favorite Keto Snacks!

The first and most convenient are the keto bars from kiss my keto, I reviewed these earlier and you should really check these out!
These bars are absolutely unmissable in your keto load out! Whether you’re at work and take them in between lunches (work days can take a long time without some snacks! ) or you spend a day away from home in a theme park these bars got you covered. The protein amount in the bars will give you a satiated feeling.

My second favorite Keto snack are Brazil Nuts. Brazil nuts have amazing nutrient values and are a great source of Fibers and Selenium. Studies have found that Selenium contributes to body fat reduction which makes this snack essential in combination with Keto. Furthermore, Selenium is good for your Hair and Nails which should make Women excited! All the more reason to go and get Brazil Nuts 🙂

I would recommend you to get the nuts somewhere from a store that specialises in natural foods or order them somewhere online where you pay a little extra but get quality food. That means pure organic raw food that keeps it complete nutrient profile intact. If you buy Brazil Nuts from your local grocery store these are processed foods and thus a waste of money. Mostly those nuts are roasted, salted or seasoned in some way which does not contribute to your healthy lifestyle. Yes the nuts from the grocery store are cheaper, but you get what you pay for!

My third recommendation is Cashew Nuts. Before I started Keto I already ate salted cashew nuts. I kept the nuts in my daily routine but now i use the unsalted cashew nuts (which took me a while to get used to!). What makes these nuts so ideal is that they are absolutely compatible with anything! You can add them to cottage cheese, your lunch or straight out of the palm of your hand. They are just delicous and contain very healthy unsaturated fats. They are quite high in calories so a hand full of nuts gets you going again! Ideal!

There is another snack that I have personally still to try out, but one that I have been hearing very good things about. Im talking about Black Botija Olives. Olives are the perfect Keto snack because of their fat profile. They contain practically no carbs but are rich in Vitamin A, E, iron and calcium. This makes it excellent for vegetarians as well because they risk an iron deficiency as this is mostly found in meat.

As you can see all of these are organic raw foods with the exception of the keto bar, but these keto bars use only natural ingredients to create their product and they use stevia as a sweetener so you safely choose these as well. These snacks are high in healthy fats making them the ideal natural healthy snacks on keto. No longer do you have to worry about what to eat in between meals as these snacks will make you feel satiated without guilt.

What are you’re favorite Keto snacks? I would love to hear that, maybe you can add some new favorites to my list so please go ahead and share your favorite Keto snacks with me in the comments below!

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