Does Green Coffee extract help you lose weight?

Is there a link between Green coffee and weight loss? People who use green coffee extract say yes! There have been some really postive results of using this product to stimulate weight loss!

You may already be familiar with the concept that drinking coffee is good for your health, but did you know that before coffee beans get roasted and get that dark brownish color they are actually green? Did you know that raw green coffee beans are really healthy? Yes that is right, these beans have some great advantages to your health if you take them. But how do you profit from this?
Its not like you are just gonna buy a pack of raw green beans and eat them, that is probably not a good idea 🙂

We can take advantage of green coffee beans by drinking its extract OR by using Pure green coffee bean capsules that contain the product in its raw form. I personally prefer to take it as a capsule daily simply because is easier. Preparing the beans to drink might take some time so I take them in capsule form 2 hours before bedtime with my last meal of the day.

Effects On Weight Loss

Green Coffee extract is said to have some effects on losing body weight, this is because of chlorogenic acid, a key weight loss compound found in green coffee extract. Because green coffee beans have not been roasted yet they are far more optimal for fat burning because the anti-oxidants responsible for this process are still intact.

Many Nutrients go lost due to the high temperatures the coffee beans are exposed to during the roasting process, so the raw green beans have the complete intact nutritional profile.

Next to this you will also profit from increased energy taking green coffee extract because of its natural presence of caffeine.
That makes it ideal to combine with your workouts to benefit the best of both; Increased and natural source of energy for your workouts along with the effects on fat burning the extract has combined with those same properties exercising does by itself.

Green Coffee Plus Capsules – A Powerful Fat Burning Booster

If you are going for the green coffee extract in capsule form I advise to take the Green Coffee Plus capsules. Why? Because the product still contains 50% of the chlorogenic acid which is a key component in the fat burning process. This is next to the anti-oxidants already present in coffee beans which may be good for your cardiovasculair system.
I wanted to share this with you because my experiences have been really positive, I was able to perform better on my exercises because of a better focus level and increased physical energy. It also helped me burn my belly fat, seeing much better results after 30 days than before I started using it.

Your body will have an easier time to maintain balanced energy levels throughout the day if you take these capsules daily. Dont take them before going to bed however, the caffeine may disturb your sleep! As you may know already, sleep is a absolutely crucial aspect of life and you are wise not to disrupt it by taking caffeine before bedtime. Ideally, take it before your workout session with a meal to profit from the energy boost it is gonna give you.

Use this code FIVE$59591069 to get a 5% discount on your online order should you want to give it a shot!
They currently have a Free bottle offer that you get if you order the 3 bottles package, not a bad deal to if you are looking to get started with using green coffee extract.

Wonder Pills?

Of course the rule is still that you need a good diet to back this up like Keto to see some actual results. Don’t just go on ahead and buy these capsules and expect to lose weight without changing to way you are living as that will not have any effect.

If you want to lose weight you will need to change your food because that is most likely how you gained the weight in the first place. This is why being on Keto works so well, it forces you to ban carbs from your life and use healthy fat products instead. This greatly stimulates your body to burn fat first and foremost and not its glucose storage created by consuming carbs. Combine this with exercise and these green coffee capsules will surely have the desired effects that you are looking for!

So what you can be sure of is that these capsules work really well in combination with regular Exercise:

  • It will give you energy because of the caffeine levels found in the pure green coffee bean extract
  • It supports your Metabolism, making sure your energy level stays far more constant and will see far less fluctuation
  • It will support Weight Loss, which is what we are here for. Chlorogenic acid will make sure fat gets burned far more effectively, using this together with Keto and regular Exercise will surprise you. Fat burning has never been so easy!

Should you get this?

Woman working out at the GymIf you are still on the fence why not just go on ahead and try out one bottle for a month. Do this next to your healthy way of living and take 2 capsules each day a week with a meal. Combine this with your workout for the best results and who knows how quickly you might be able to burn that body fat you want to get rid of!

All in all I think this is a great product to support the body fat burning process. Especially while being on Keto this product is really worth a try if you totally want to give it your all to burn that stubborn body fat. The chlorogenic acid (CGA) found in the extract of the green coffee beans is yet another stimulator for our body that will learn it utilize the body fat as its primary resource for energy.

Did you see improved results after 30 days of using it? Be sure to let me know in the comments section down below!

For more inspiration on coffee related things you should also definitely check out Bryan’s article on Bulletproof coffee, its a coffee recipe invented for being on the Ketogenic Diet.  It is both useful on Keto, unique and delicious! It is really worth a read for its meal replacement aspect alone 😉

5 thoughts on “Does Green Coffee extract help you lose weight?”

  1. Dear Samantha,

    I was thinking instead of using energy drinks high on caffeine to stay active on my night shifts I could take this as a Natural alternative? I really need to use a caffeine boost to keep me going at night and stay productive.

    Do you think this will suffice? Energy drinks are bad and I worry about the sugar intake i get from using them all the time! I’m hoping i can take this as a replacement product!

    Thank you for sharing this 🙂

    • Hi There,

      Energy drinks are loaded with sugar next to the caffeine, and these capsules contain just the caffeine. This is a healthy alternative to those drinks, also this is used by people who go on gym workouts so it should do fine on your night shifts.

      Maybe give it a shot and see what works best for you, if it does you will certainly do your body a favor instead using those energy drinks. See it as the healthy alternative!

      Good luck!


  2. Hi Samantha,

    I’m already active on Keto and made some stunning progress so far in just a few weeks of time!
    Im certainly getting there 🙂 It also makes me feel much better, but next to that I could do with a little something extra while i am at the Gym

    This supplements seems to be exactly what I was looking for, It is safe right to take this while on Keto? I see no reason why not? Some people I know use these “Pre Workout” supplements but I rather not take those and prefer a natural product instead…

    This should stimulate fat burning even more right?!

    • I’m glad to read you have already made progress in such a short time span. The keto diet is known for seeing results at an accelerated pace over other diets 🙂

      Like Samantha pointed out, green coffee will definitely allow you to step up your fat burning game by increasing your metabolism with naturally occuring caffeine(as well as the amounts), in addition to chlorogenic acid.

      Supplements always remain what the name implies, an addition to what your lifestyle. They may just be that extra bump you need to stimulate your fat burning processes.

      By pairing it with the right diet & exercise regimen, which is the foundation of any successfull weight loss plan, it will guaranteed further increase the results you are already experiencing.

      There is no reason to assume that this supplement isn’t safe to use on keto, in fact – it will only promote your health. Pre workouts are a different story, especially the highly marketed & commercial looking ones, since they often come with unwanted additives that may negate your metabolically induced state of ketosis, or your fat burning processes in general.

      There are some natural pre workouts available that wont hinder your state of ketosis – Beta alanine is one such example.

      Best of luck!


  3. I always felt coffee was not good for our health. Is this not still the case or has this changed? 

    I do know coffee can make us reduce weight as I have personally experienced this although that was not the reason for my taking me. 

    I was never aware that the coffee we take use to originally be green before they are roasted. I always felt they came that way. I have never had green coffee and would definitely like to have a taste. If the finished product which is the dark coffee can cause weight loss then there is a good chance green coffee would do the exact same thing.


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