Keto avocado brownies – Upgraded with a secret ingredient!

Stacked keto avocado brownies with added hazelnut crumble

Who doesn’t love brownies? The best thing about the following easy-to-make keto avocado brownies recipe I’m about to walk you through – is that they are fully compatible with your fat-fueled ketogenic diet! Which means you will be able to enjoy these without feeling guilty. In fact – they will even support your health and … Read more

Keto hamburger recipes – Burgers as a healthy keto meal! [Recipe]

Classic hamburger suitable for the keto diet

One of the first dishes I missed immediately upon starting my ketogenic journey were hamburgers. Back when I was still heavily consuming carbohydrates Saturday was burger day. I would always make them every other week, and always with fresh ingredients of course. It was only after a few weeks upon starting my ketogenic journey that … Read more

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