Best Keto Supplements 2020 (beginner friendly!)

To succesfully aid your Keto lifestyle and to make life easier i’m going to walk you trough the BEST Keto supplements you can use while on keto. Supplements are not required but there are a whole bunch out there that certainly can’t hurt… in fact they will make a great contribution to your life. Not only for the sake of health but also to aid you on the way so it acts as a great supportive product.

I wrote about supplements on the keto diet before so you should check that out for a global overview about the topic of supplementation on keto. But in this article, I wanted to give you an overview of the best 10 keto friendly supplements money can buy you 🙂

What you should know – buyers guide

Supplements are used daily by millions of people all over the globe. Most use them as easy additions to their food or for targeted activities such as workouts. They can also be used to treat certain symptoms that occur when you might be low on some minerals that cause you to feel bad, like people who use Magnesium supplementation against muscle cramps, just as an example.
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The reasons greatly vary of course, but also people on Keto will find great support using supplements with their way of living.
These are different than people who follow no specific diet or a totally different one, this greatly depends on your lifestyle.

Because a lifestyle as Keto is so specific, it comes with its own set of recommended supplements that differ from those that you might already use.

We only want to look at the HEALTHY supplements and use no synthetic supplements or artificial ingredients that are money wasters.

Try to look out for supplements that use sugar, this can be mentioned on the label in several ways. The product may use only natural ingredients but since we are on keto it cannot contain carbs/sugar in any form. If it says “Dextrose” on the label for example, skip it.

So…. with that said, lets go trough the most useful Keto supplements that you should consider getting to give an extra “bonus” to the way you are living on Keto already.

1. Ketologic BHB Exogenous Ketones Supplement

A Top quality product to add to your list of most wanted keto supplements. Ketones can be used to gain energy without the need for burning carbs. You can use this to easily overcome your need to sometimes take a carb product with quick sugars to gain energy fast. Or use it to gain easier acces to the ketosis state! It’s what I do when I feel I can use some extra support and trust me, its totally worth it.
While being on Keto your body will actively produces Ketones already, as the word “Exogenous” suggest this is an external source of ketones to supplement your internal ketone production, getting you in ketosis faster and keeping you in it for longer periods of time.

This product like the earlier ones I mentioned does not use any artificial sweeteners, colors or flavors.

Let me sum up some benefits of this supplement:

  • Created for people on Keto: Gain a quick keto energy boost without the need for carbs which is JUST that little extra support you might need on Keto, overcoming yet another struggle you might face.
  • Support the transition of your body to the ketosis state; which i’m sure is what you are looking for. Why not make it easier to achieve what you are after?
  • Completely keto friendly product; containing ZERO carbs and no artificial ingredients used. The product is also reported by customers to have great taste as a result of this. It comes in four flavors; Apple-Pear, Grape, Orange-Mango, Patriot Pop or go for Unflavored if you prefer that.
  • Alternative to sports drinks; This can serve as a replacement for your standard sugar fueled energy drinks and as this is a totally healthy one making it win-win for you!

Be sure to check this one out at the official website of

2. Keto K1000 Electrolyte Powder

Electrolytes are the essential mix of minerals that are used for core functions of your body. The minerals are; magnesium, potassium, calcium, sodium, chloride and phosphorus. These are of course naturally found in vegetables and fruits but while on Keto you could consider to get these in optimal amounts by using a good supplement. This way you can be sure to get enough of these absolutely crucial minerals for your body without having to worry about your intake.

Take Magnesium for example, most people have a shortage of this one the reason being many people eating processed foods that are so low on minerals or do not contain them at all. Quality magnesium throughout food is one of the hardest to come by these days, you can be sure that extra supplementation of magnesium can’t hurt.
Especially on Keto this is one to watch for and make sure you get enough of it!

Many foods that contain magnesium are also high on carbs like bananas, so these are the foods we no longer take. Luckily for us, the electrolyte powder contains magnesium, as magnesium itself is one of the 6 essential electrolytes.

This supplement has no carbs or sugar in it in any way, and contains zero calories! They also use plant based coloring agents and flavors, so no artificial sweeteners making this supplement completely keto friendly. Because of the importance of these minerals especially while on keto and the quality of the product this one takes the no.2 spot in the list.

  • Cotains the essential minerals for your body with NO unwanted side effects giving your body the optimal performance it deserves.
  • Contains NO carbs or any artificial ingredients, instead it is sweetened with the use of the organic stevia leaf to still create a nice flavor!
  • Just one scoop per day is enough to already notice the amazing support of these minerals, bye bye muscle cramps 🙂

You should check out the customer reviews about this product on Click the link below and check out what they have to say about this amazing keto friendly product:

Check it out here

3. Ketologic Keto Meal Replacement Shake

Bryan dedicated an entire article to this product from Ketologic, you should check it out here for an in depth analysis of the product. This shake essentially does what it says, it replaces a keto meal for you. This is made for comfort so like when you are a day out and still want to take something that is true to a keto meal. The product comes with the essential fat/protein/carb ratio and thus serves as an excellent meal replacement product, made by, and for people on keto!

Some benefits of the products;

  • Easy to use and easy to blend; no endless shaking only to find out the substance didn’t dissolve in your water/milk. This shake tastes nice and will keep you full and satiated.
  • Promotes weight loss; because of the high fat content this shake is made to do what you want: Burning fat. It will help you feel “full” and eliminate unwanted cravings for snacks and sugar, losing weight in the process.
  • Ketone production; Of course the product supports Ketosis, the optimal state of the body in which it finally turns into burning fat for energy 🙂
  • Natural product; Yes this product to does not contain any artificial sugars or flavors so it is completely safe to serve as a keto replacement meal.
  • Keto lifehack; the product may somewhat serve as the ultimate keto lifehack in that you can use this shake to replace a meal should you struggle sometime during the day to create a fully macro nutrient correct keto meal.

If you want to check out the product from Ketologic click here 

4. Nordic Naturals Omega 3 Fish Oil

I have talked about this essential oil before, I want to highlight this one again in this best keto supplement list. Omega 3 comes with some many benefits it cannot be ignored, from being like building blocks to your brain to being good for your cardiovascular health it has a range of many healthy benefits for your body.

Since Keto is all about eating fat to burn fat, this supplement cannot be overlooked. Especially if you have a hard time to naturally get omega 3 in your diet like in the form of fatty fish, then a few capsules of this with your meal once an day are a easy replacement of the natural intake. This award winning product from Nordic Naturals contains completely pure fish oil and even has a little lemon taste to it, to make swallowing it easier.

So to sum it up:

  • The essential fish oil Omega 3 in easy to use caps; you can be certain the product uses only pure fish oil so no processed ingredients. You can be sure of the fact that this is a quality product.
  • Many benefits for your health; Good for the brain, eyesight, skin and heart to name but a few. It even has a positive effect when taken regularly on your mood!
  • Excellent addition to your keto lifestyle; only take a few caps once a day with the meal of your choice to already benefit from its amazing properties.
  • Did I mention Quality yet? Seriously, with something like omega 3 you want to be sure that you get pure fish oil that is not processed or contains toxic heavy metals. You pay a little extra for a quality product but it will be worth it. You dont want to buy a supplement that is cheaper of which you aren’t sure how pure the oil actually is. With this product, you can be sure you aren’t wasting your money as this product is well tested in third-party labs who are certified for this for approval.

Check out the product by clicking on the link below:

Get Omega 3 here

5. Multivitamin by Garden of Life

A renowned brand in the supplement market because of their use of completely natural ingredients. This is also the ultimate ease of use product as it covers your complete vitamin and mineral intake. Excellent as support to your keto lifestyle to make sure you get it all. It also saves you to get stand-alone supplements for things like vitamin B and C and this one already contains it in sufficient amounts.

Remember, you don’t have to use it everyday because being on Keto and eating vegetables and fruits should already net you the required amount of vitamins and minerals, but it can’t hurt using a supportive product like this maybe 3 times a week so you can be sure you don’t miss out on the required nutrition. Especially in the times you might feel for the need of a little something extra 🙂

What you will like about this product;

  • Convenience of use: Garden of life multi-vitamin has you covered for most of the required vitamins and minerals in one easy to use capsule. The product contains it all in the right balance. 50 years and older and need something specific? They also have special 50+ version of the same product.
  • Healthy and Pure; No synthetic and artificial ingredients, as with all products in this list this one is required on your keto lifestyle. With the Garden of life multi vitamin you can be sure this is respected, also no Gluten are used and the product is completely vegetarian friendly.
  • For Men and Women; they have a multi product dedicated to Men and a multi dedicated to Women. Both are carefully balanced for the needs of a Man or a Woman. Not every multi product out there has this option!

I will link here to the product version for Women, as me being a Woman that is the one I obviously use, but Amazon also has the variant for Men. So check this one out and see what other people think of it!

Shop Garden of Life multivitamin here

6. Ketologic MCT Oil

Another great product delivered to you by the experts at Ketologic; MCT Oil. This product is a good bonus to add to your arsenal of Keto friendly supplements, because the oil gets quickly absorbed by your body and gets converted into Ketones.

  • Supports the fat burning process; This oil is fat alright? So as we know, being on Keto, your body will use fat to burn fat effectively. Using MCT oil will make sure you get a satiated feeling preventing the hunger for sugar filled snacks.
  • Supports your mental state; Ketones in the body have been linked to improving your mental clarity
  • Easily blendable with your favorite drinks; The oil has no taste to it so it is completely unflavored making it compatible with any drink you take during the day. To start with, just add one teaspoon of MCT oil to the drink of your choice during the day, whether that is your cup of coffee or your cup of tea before bedtime.

Check it out at Ketologics official website by clicking on the link below;

Get Ketologic MCT oil here

There are many more helpful supplements that you can buy but I feel these are the ones to watch for that give you the most value for your money. Being on the Keto “diet” in the beginning may be a bit of a struggle (you are not alone in this!!) but give yourself some time to get used to it and use things like supplements to make it a bit easier for yourself. Especially beginners on the Keto lifestyle may find great use of these supplements to help them out getting trough the tough times. Be sure to check out what the keto diet is about for a complete in-depth overview of the keto diet.

Need any advice on a specific supplement or have any questions in general about supplements on the Keto diet? Feel free to leave your questions below or contact me directly at

Do you have a tip on a great supplement that may be of help to others? Please do share them with us! I would love to hear about what supplements you use, or which you recommend 🙂

Healthy wishes!

2 thoughts on “Best Keto Supplements 2020 (beginner friendly!)”

  1. I’ve used magnesium supplements for years now for a heart condition I have – I tend to prefer more natural remedies as opposed to medical. 

    My partner has suggested this Keto lifestyle on numerous occasions and we’ve been looking into what supplements could help us along. It is good to know which ones to look out for as there are so many out there that I just didn’t know where to start.

    I think Omega 3 is a must as well to help out my cardiovascular system, I think if everyone gets enough of that many people could avoid heart related problems at older age!

    Thanks for the list, this certainly clears up my mind

  2. Nice list, I was looking for the best keto supplements that could actually contribute something to my workouts while im on Keto. Those Exogenous Ketones seem very interesting to me, as they can replace my sports drinks while im at the Gym, I hope it provides the energy boost im looking for.

    The MCT oil is a nice one to add to my shake, couple that with some Omega 3 and I should be all set!

    Thanks for the list, those are some solid products! Will share this!


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