The difference between the keto and paleo diet – Which one should you choose?

Keto or Paleo?

Keto Diet vs Paleo Diet: What is the best diet to lose weight?   Among different popular diets used to lose weight or for other purposes, we find the paleo diet and the ketogenic diet or keto, which although they have some similarities below show their differences so that we do not confuse them with … Read more

Lemon Juice And Weight Loss – Maximize Keto Efficiency With This Drink!

A nice lemon juice drink at the beach

Lemon Juice And Weight Loss On The Keto Diet Obesity is an alarming condition because it not only looks unsightly but triggers a number of fatal diseases and problems too. What’s more concerning is the fact that the rate of obesity has tripled between 1975 and 2016. This proves that people are not able to … Read more

Does Green Coffee extract help you lose weight?

Green coffee beans with leaf on white background.

Is there a link between Green coffee and weight loss? People who use green coffee extract say yes! There have been some really postive results of using this product to stimulate weight loss! You may already be familiar with the concept that drinking coffee is good for your health, but did you know that before … Read more

Best Keto Supplements 2020 (beginner friendly!)

Supplements as a supportive health product

To succesfully aid your Keto lifestyle and to make life easier i’m going to walk you trough the BEST Keto supplements you can use while on keto. Supplements are not required but there are a whole bunch out there that certainly can’t hurt… in fact they will make a great contribution to your life. Not … Read more

A keto diet plan for women – the fat fueled program [Review]

keto diet plan for women

This article was written by Samantha, she is a contributor to my website and loves to share some of her own experiences on keto and all things healthy.  For all the women who struggle with the more traditional keto diet methods out there, I want to give this some extra attention. So let’s talk about … Read more

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