Apple cider vinegar for weight loss – eliminating hunger and improving body composition

Using apple cider vinegar for weight loss has been a hot topic in the world of fat burning and overall health these past few years. A lot of positive health claims have been attributed to this natural remedy, Among those are an increased amount of fat burned during the day and significantly reduced hunger & non-existent cravings upon daily consumption. Are these claims true, or a bit overrated? Continue reading below to find out!

Difference between Apple vinegar, Apple cider & Apple cider vinegar

When you look into this natural and popular health item you will notice several terms coming along. But what is the difference between the three? Or is there any difference at all? The answer to that question is quite simple: There is no difference. It is all the same product with a different name.

This also means that if you buy any of the 3 you should be set to experience the effects of apple cider vinegar!

Why buy Apple cider vinegar?

Before you go on to making a purchase, this is most likely the firstBottles filled with apple cider vinegar thing youare wondering. Mainly because there are so many claims about ‘natural’ products that claim to have amazing health benefits out there. Sadly thereare products among those that have a negligible (or even detrimental) effect on your health and well being.

While Apple cider vinegar won’t have a miraculous effect on your health and fat burning goals it will certainly contribute to a healthy lifestyle. It is also a very versatile product with some very surprising uses: You can mix it through your favorite salad or dressing, you can use it to clean your vegetables and fruits, and you can plain and simple mix a tablespoon through your glass of water.

One example of a good juice is Viva Naturals Raw Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, 32 oz.

The advantages of Apple cider vinegar

One popular use of apple cider vinegar is to clean and therefore naturally detox your body in a way that is beneficial for you. Trust me; you don’t need any expensive juice or marketed detox item for this! It will also give you extra energy(not in the form of calories) due to it’s high acidity content. It regulates your blood pressure & it even has the power to extinguish hostile bacteria and fungusses within your body.

It will also contribute to the health and texture of your skin, and act as a cure for some annoying skin diseases such as acne

Apple cider vinegar and its fat burning boost

First and foremost apple cider vinegar contains a fiber called pectine which expands within your body and suppresses your hunger and cravings. It also prevents your blood pressure from rising and crashing too fast, which creates the perfect environment for continuing to burn fat all day long, because not only does this prevent Insulin from being overly active within your body, it also curbs your hunger, keeping you from raiding the fridge.

The naturally occurring bacteria and acids in apple cider vinegar also accelerate your metabolism, which will also contribute to your overall fat burning state as well. This has been a proven fact in dozens of individuals using it, especially while utilizing the power of the keto diet in conjunction with it seems to give it an even bigger boost.

This may be because the fatty keto also spikes the fat burning hormones. It is also free of calories(!) and carbs, and is therefore fully compatible with a fat rich keto diet.

How much Apple cider vinegar should I consume?

While using apple cider vinegar for weight loss may provide benefits to your health, how much are you safely allowed to use?

The amount you can consume may vary per individual, a general rule of thumb is to use 2 tablespoons with a glass of 250ml water. The best time to consume it is prior to every meal you ingest. You can also start out with a teaspoon per glass of water and slowly increase the amount. Do be wary that you never drink apple cider vinegar without thinning it out with water first. The acidity within it is extremely high, and when this is consumed straight out of the bottle without thinning with water it is disastrous for your dental health.

A trick I always used, even when consuming it with water, is to drink this delicious goody with a straw to keep my teeth healthy as well.

Does it really work in practice?

I personally wholeheartedly recommend that you try it out, and using it correctly when doing so. Drink it with at least 2 meals a day when starting out, prior to consuming your food. Be careful not to drink it too fast either, because trust me, choking on this stuff is not fun 😉

For me it really helped with my hunger, and while I didn’t see a huge difference in the mirror when using it, the combined metabolic benefits as well as reduced hunger do contribute to the overall fat burning journey you and I are on.

The alternative

You could consider the use of Apple cider vinegar capsules as they provide a number of benefits:

  • Because of the high acidity of apple cider vinegar when consumed as a drink it is not advisable to consume prior to brushing your teeth, apple cider vinegar capsules dissolve in your stomach which makes it viable to still ingest the natural goody prior to brushing your teeth as well!
  • If you don’t like the flavor of the drink, but still want to experience the amazing benefits of apple cider vinegar.
  • Since they are capsules and not tablets they are also easy to swallow.
  • They are easy to take with you. This way you can still easily use them on-the-go!

I recommend you buy the capsules from ACVpure, as they offer the best bang for buck In terms of both quality & quantity for your money. Aside from that they don’t add any artificial ingredients to their unique formula.Bottles of apple cider vinegar capsACVPure’s capsules are well dosed and of good quality, as opposed to some of the cheaper alternatives on the market. During the first 3 months or so when I started using apple cider vinegar i just consumed the regular liquid form thinned with water, but after a while I got sick of it’s flavor and having to worry about waiting an hour before I could brush my teeth. ACVPure’s capsules have helped me a lot in that regard. I can now experience the benefits of it, without having to worry about consuming it so much throughout the day anymore!

2 capsules per day is the recommended dose, as the capsules have a much higher concentration of effective substance than normal apple cider vinegar when mixing the pure product with water (2 tablespoons with every meal) meaning that this will even save you money! If you have to use around 2 teaspoons per meal(on average around 8 per day) this will be 90ml per day. If you do the math your regular 750ml bottle won’t last that long!

ACVPure currently has a huge deal consisting of 4 +1  bottles of ACV capsules for only $93.30 you will get the 5th bottle completely free! This deal will provide you will all the amazing benefits of apple cider vinegar for 5 months, an absolute bargain!

You can use my voucher code below and you will get an additional 5% discount.

CODE: FIVE$59591069

2 thoughts on “Apple cider vinegar for weight loss – eliminating hunger and improving body composition”

  1. Very interesting article, and you’re right I’ve known about the health benefits of apple cider vinegar for years. Originally I tried to take it straight, which even till now I didn’t know was bad for your teeth. I will say that lasted a whole 1 time of use…

    The next thing I tried was mixing it into water, but I literally couldn’t stand the taste and it made me want to gag. For the longest time I just went without taking any ACV…

    Eventually I came across some capsules, and have been taking those for the past few months. While I haven’t seemed to notice a huge change I do feel that I have more energy.

    The ones I purchased were off of Amazon… how do I know if they’re of good quality?


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