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Hey! Bryan here. I think it’s important to remain as transparent as one can be in all aspects of life. My website and this affiliate disclosure are included in that. Hence, why I want to share the following information with you.

On my website you may come across links in some of my blog posts, reviews and recipes that will yield me a small affiliate commission on purchases made, which will be not be charged to you as a faithful visitor of my content and supporter of my website.(i.e. you will pay the same price)

My main goal with this website is to help you with your journey of fat loss by utilizing the power of the ketogenic diet and to provide you with ways to make it as effective and pleasant as possible. It is both very entertaining and personal for me to provide you with this information, to share my personal view on this lifestyle and to interact with you – both in the comments and through email contact. I’m trying to provide the most engaging experience I can to you – as a loyal visitor of my website.

Other than affiliate commissions I don’t receive any other free products, services or other reciprocation.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this. See you around!


Founder of

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