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Hey there!

My name is Bryan, and I am your host at eatfattoburnfat.com! It’s great to have you here, and to be able to write the content on this website for you. I hope you enjoy the read!

I am 29 years of age, and I am very passionate about sharing my vision on the ketogenic diet, which is what the bulk of the content will be about on this site, with you!

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The ketogenic diet is about utilizing the power of consuming fats as your primary source of fuel instead of carbohydrates. This will trigger processes in your body that will allow you to get rid of the excess fat that is stored in your body. You will learn how to eat fat to burn your own fat.

Over the years I have gained a lot of experience mainly through trial and error. I have tried a lot of diets, ranging from the paleo diet to the the carnivore, the military diet, and of course the standard western diet. None of the former have had the effects on my results as the ketogenic diet did. Not only did it by far exceed my expectations in terms of fat loss, but I felt ‘faster’(mentally and physically), more consistently energized(no more dips after meals), in a better mood, and the food I eat satiates me for longer durations of time.

Aside from my personal experiences the ketogenic diet has scientifically been proven to improve the quality and timespan of your life(!) Not a bad thing right?

I will additionally be talking about other factors that contribute to the overall quality of your life such as: sleep, exercise, reviews on trending (keto)products that are on the market and more!

My introduction to the fat burning formula

A couple of years ago I was scouring the internet looking to treat issues I had been experiencing for a while at the time. I’m talking about feeling sluggish after meals, weight increase, anxiety over nothing, constant cravings and overall fatigue. I thought this was related to my bad genetics and that I was just unlucky and had to live with it. I was wrong.

Little did I know that instead of treating the symptoms I listed above I could cure the deep rooted cause of these issues instead.

The cure is officially called the ketogenic diet. A diet where you can enjoy your favorite fatty foods and lose fat at the same time. At the single cost of eliminating carbohydrates. (Sugar and starch)

How wonderful is that?

In my first 3 months after starting the keto diet I lost 15 pounds of pure fat mass, i was feeling alot more calm and focused on whatever task or matter that demanded my attention, and i didn’t experience any cravings or whatsoever. I was in a constant state of satiety and was burning fat 24/7 whilst doing so.

Helping you live life to the fullest

I’m here to motivate you to experience the same life changing effects I did when switching to this magical diet. It’s not that hard to stick to once you get used to consuming fat as your main source of fuel. If I can do it, you certainly can!

I promise you that even the foods you consume on this fat-rich diet will feel fresh and innovative as you will consume a completely different array of products. Gone are the days of rice, bread & pasta!

Oh, and did i mention that you can still consume burgers & brownies(The just as delicious keto variant) – to name a few?

This is all fully compatible with your current work-out schedule (with certain adjustments that I will help you create)

I will provide you with all the recipes, work-outs, meal plans and other tips & tricks I have uncovered and tried out first hand over the years.

I know exactly what works and doesn’t work which will save you a lot of trial and error!

My goal for you

My goal is to help you overcome some of the most common problems like anxiety, excessive weight gain & deprivation of sleep people are experiencing in our modern western society these days.

When I first heard that switching up my diet could reverse the formerly mentioned problems I had experienced as well for so long I didn’t believe it for a second either. But I’m glad I gave it a shot, I will never go back to the carb heavy lifestyle I once lived, the pros that the keto diet provides are just insane.

I will help you with your own personal journey to achieve a leaner version of yourself, all while tackling some of the most stubborn problems people are having when first starting out

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, Please don’t hesitate! Feel free to email me anytime at: info@eatfattoburnfat.com

I will be more than happy to help you out with any problems you run into!

All the best,

Founder of eatfattoburnfat.com

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